First blog post

My name is Pitchayapa, which is how I named After reading an article my sociology professor had assigned on our first day of class, called “Prospective Employees: Your Job In College Is Not To Get A Job” by Gene Marks, in a laundry room at my dorm, I was quickly inspired to create my first blog. Despite loud noises from the washer and drying machines, I was able to focus on the reading, which do not happened typically. I remembered when I was young, there were times when I thought of writing a diary. There were also other times when I thought of making a YouTube channel and having a blog. I reasoned that 99 dollars subscription to create a blog was too expensive and that I would not be able to commit. Well, what led me into finally overcoming my stinginess was the fact that creating a blog is an investment. For each blog I post will act like money I put into savings. I also like the idea of being able to collect all the events, day-to-day stories because I just transferred to a university away from home. What a great way to start blogging when I am experiencing this stage of life that will only happened once! Hopefully 😜.

The idea that I can simply write what I want to write excites me. This sort of writing is not something I would turned in for a letter grade or submit to a writing center to prove read. This sort of writing is a therapy in itself. There are no drafts, but only the original. I can share my experiences, thoughts, and ideas with others while using a technology that my dad paid for me to start college as a tool.

Let’s get into the story, shall we? Well, since this is my first blog,  I will tell a little about myself here and there, but this is not a biography, so what comes to my mind, I will simply type.

I was born in Ranong, Thailand. My family moved to the U.S. in 2009, when I was twelve. I started middle school that was only 2 minutes from my house and I started high school in another district. After high school, I decided that I was not yet ready for a university life, so I enrolled in a community college for a year in the honors program. I later knew sort of what I wanted to, so I transferred to a bigger university in pursuance of a degree that would paved my way to medical school. Now, when people asked me what major am I, well, as of right now, I told them that I am a Pre-MED, hoping to declare a major. They would automatically think that I am smart, which I don’t think is totally accurate. A smart or a dumb person can be a Pre-MED. And not every Pre-MED will stay as Pre-MED or get accepted to medical school. Anyway, sometimes, I should just simply say that I major in…… Period. And kept the Pre-MED thing to myself, until I got accepted into medical school 😆.

This is it for today. I had so much fun sharing and I hope I will keep this up at least once a week.

For now, goodnight and sleep tight 💤

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