Today is Friday

Okay, so today is Friday. It felt good. Friday is a “Fineday.” So when I came to college, I was wondering will I be able to find the friend that I can truly be myself around her with. I knew that somehow I will find that friend, but the question is “how long…will it take to find her?” Well, recently, literally, today, I think I might have found her, but then again this might be like an episode sort of thing. Today is EP.1, who knows, whether how long this series, movie, short film, or whatever so called friendship will last. Surprisingly, I can be myself around N. in a short amount of time.

We had a class together and after class I went up to the professor to ask questions and N. was also asking questions too. That was the first time I noticed her and then I met her again after class and we walked together to find the exit stair to the bottom floor. I didn’t think of her much then, simply someone I met, I didn’t ask for her name either. But she was certainly funny, I thought, because of how she is, she seems chill and into the present, which I like!

We met again in a organization that I was interested in learning more about. I did not know that we would be interested in the same organization. I met her there, but we didn’t have a conversation. We just say “HEY! You were in my stats class.”

Friday arrived, which is today and we met in our stats class, we talked, clicked and we became friend. It was a nice story. I am loving the fact that I made one friend that I can  be myself around her.

I am in college. I often heard people told me that you will find your life long friend here. I truly wanted that. I wanted to make good friends and got invited to their wedding, birthday parties, etc. Fun, dressing up events that sort of thing. I wanted a good college hood and I am trying to make friends. I can have my walls up, so I hoping to let loose a bit. So far so good. I definitely wanted to make one great friend than have 10 friends on my phone that I barely text.

I am excited for college. I decided to join an all girls organization at my university that devoted their life to God. I think I will find some good friendship there. Hopefully, this students led organization will led to the unexpected and there are times when I love surprises.

Cheer to my journey in college that will last about 3 years. It will goes by fast, I wanted to make sure I cherish it, embrace it, and be reminded of it to share my experience with others.

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