It was during my thanksgiving break was when I get to spend time with my families and we spend time by cooking, eating, and talking to them. I am not sure how conversation unfold, but my uncle, my sister, and I eventually got to a political discussion, on what is happening today in America. I have asked myself why U.S. goes to wars with the Middle East and Vietnam, which I believe many has to with profits and root cause of why people goes to war has a lot to do with money and power. Whenever, my sister and I fight, it has to do with resources, in which I did not want to share and want all of it myself, since I believe it is mine that’s why we argue and even fight. Sometimes, I simply did not like her and think negatively of her, which in reality I am only interpreting from only my point of view and only seeing things from my perspective, which can be faulty and not correct.

I had like to compare the way my sister and I fought to why U.S. decided to enter wars with the Middle East and Vietnam. I struggled finding a topic I am interested in writing. This topic is probably the closest to what I found to be interesting and mysterious. Is the reason why U.S. go to war truly pure in intention or is it for personal gain, for power, perhaps all, perhaps one reason more than the other, but was using the more ideal reason to gain public approval and support to enter the war. There were many question more than answers and I had like to do research in hoping to get closer to the truth of why America goes to war because I believe there are pattern in why we go to war in the first place.

I believe sometimes, going to war are one of the ways, in which to resolve certain situation. I believe war for freedom and equality seems justifiable; however, a war can also be about control and greed, a money war or a political war. Looking back if I decided to share resources with my sister and treated her as I want to be treated, then we wouldn’t have argue or fight in the first place. Sometimes, however, both side do not want to negotiate to reach a common ground, therefore, the problems and grudges remains, such as what’s happening in the Arab and Palestinian War or the Korean War.

United States, compare to other older civilizations like the Persian, Ancient Greek, Chinese, Mayan, Egyptian, and etc., is a relatively new country, being only 242 years old according to the WorldAtlas. The U.S., however, began to emerged its resources during the industrial revolution, many were being modeled after Great Britain. Hands-labor were being replace by machines for faster and mass production, which in turns increase productivities, resources, and eventually the standards of living for many Americans at the time. After the industrial revolution, America was getting rich at that point (U.S. History) and money is power. Now that America have the resources, it means that we can do more things and achieve a lot more than we could before. Now, we can actually mass produced weapons, tanks, machine guns, bombs, grenades, and destructive chemical weapons. We might want to sometimes test their effect in an actual war and making profit of off the war that is going on, which is why U.S. began to emerged as a super power after World War I and II, because we were not directly involved with the war, except bombing Nagasaki and Hiroshima, which is a different style of war compare to how Hitler decided to march to Russia, we on the other hands used planes to attack.  Europe at that point experienced a lot of damaged after the war while America, luckily being far enough from the chaos, did not greatly suffered the post-war damaged, but emerged as the super power (economically) it strongly pride–America was rich and prosperous.

To ask why U.S. decides to go to war is a broad question that has more than one easy answer. However, in this paper, I argue that all the war we entered has to do with money. In a sense, America view itself as the top country that other less developed countries should model itself after ours system because we believe we are the best and we pride ourselves in that. Most countries nowadays that one travel to may be surprised to see how many Starbucks, Exxon Mobile, KFC, Seven-Eleven, Subway, Duncan Donuts, and McDonald’s is at the corner of the streets. Western, more specially America’s business grew in these countries as some may refer it to was neocolonialism, in which we appeal and let other perceive us as ideal to gain their acceptance through other means than colonialism or imperialism. According to the U.S. News, despite some anti-immigrantion sentiments from our culture today, the U.S. is the country that accepts the most immigrants, with Germany placed in second, and United Kingdom coming in third. People who lives in other countries still view America as the land for opportunity and generally still perceive this country to be one of the best place to reside. The more America became allied with the rest of the world, the more we can do business with them, the more we make money and spread our influence.

The Middle East seems to not be cooperating with us economically, therefore, my assumption is that we will try to find reasons to get involve with them, which is why we are in war with them currently. Asia, Europe, and Africa seems fine with us, however, the Middle East seems like the odd balls. We can also perceived this in the way people dress. Most Asians, European, and African no longer dress in their traditional attire for their everyday look, however, they dress according to the American and European fashion influence. However, they will still dress in their traditional attire for a special occasion such as wedding ceremonies and national holidays. The Middle Eastern, on the other hand, I still sees the way they dress mostly to their ethnic background and not so much with Western influences, which is intriguing.

It is a daunting task to review the timeline regarding the U.S. involvement with the Middle East. Since Mohammad Mossadeq, the newly elected became the prime minister of Iran after Ali Razamara death due to shot gun, Mossadeq’s plan to nationalize oil industry in Iran, preventing foreign intervention from Britain from controlling Iranian economy. Mossadeq became the Man of the Year from Time Magazine in 1951. In 1953, Churchill appeals to Eisenhower to overthrown Mossadeq, “worrying that Mossadeq’s nationalist aspirations will lead to an eventual communist takeover.”

The U.S. seems to use communist take-over as the reason to engagement in many of the wars. It perhaps seem that all the wars we engaged in was an indirect war against the Soviet Union, which seems questionable. Sometimes, I wonder are they really enemy of each other as to black and white.

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