How could someone hurt me this much. Why I’m in still crying. It has been over a week, but why I’m still crying about it. He absolutely makes a mess in me, and why do I let him. What do I need? What do I want from him? I want explanation. Of why it went the way it went. I don’t think I need it, but I also sort of do. I don’t need it though. It ended because it ended. He’s letting me do the dirty job because he is a sissy. But it still hurts how much I need his love that I didn’t feel like I’m getting. Is it me being too needy or he’s simply don’t really love me.

Girl, to counter your point above. Get over the guys there is more better fish in tha sea. God has him for you. You just gotta wait, be patient. Work on your relationship with God. Be a better person. This is guy is just isn’t it. That’s why you didn’t want to meet his parents! Or invited him to sista’s graduation. Cuz you knew it was going to end sooner or later. Get over yo self, live yo life and be happy in Christ. You just made it to 22 years old. Girl, there is more you haven’t see. You experienced and you learned. Only you yourself can stop you yourself. Why would you want that. God is on your side always. Trust and rely on Him to guide you through this dark valley. And about your sad, depressing 4 months, you know you’ll get over it soon. Because you’re a gangsta. B/c you know you deserve betta. You know this ain’t it. B/c it ain’t it. You will be over in no time that even you won’t realized it. Pizz.

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