Why do I said “it’s not you, but me.”

Umm, why do I said this in relationship in the past.

1) I literally meant what I say that I’m not emotionally immature to be in relationship as simple as that





I recognize my bad traits. Sometimes, I think that it would takes a right partner to handle me.. Apart of me is saying that I must be able to help myself, but of course it also take a right partner to at least know how to handle me and not burst out in flam when I do those things. Being patient with me and showing me love is the best policy. I’ve told that I get over thing fast, but if you hurt my feeling in the process then overtime I will interpret that as not loving and I will not be there: grow resentful, seeing you as someone who is not right for me, and end the relationship eventually.

I truly takes a patient loving partner to be with me. Overtime, I know I can be good. I am confident.

My ex didn’t handle me right, he would insult me, say hurtful things to me. Basically he was emotional and verbally abusive. I don’t feel like I can express my feelings with him because of how he will react that is actually one of the sign of a toxic relationship.

I’m glad I’m out of it. Knowing that I can’t be with someone like that. It brought me such pain, heartache, and turmoil. It feels heavy and frustrating. I absolutely don’t like feeling like that. Love suppose to feels light and easy.

I felt neglected at some point in my past relationship. It hurts and it is ok to be hurt. It is a failure.

Another reason why I said “It’s not you, but me,” is because I also wonder how the other person would do–to test the relationship. It’s not manipulated, but it’s a good way (if necessary) to see how committed he is or the willing to help, etc. but sometimes according t the internet, it is better to let go and let the person who said the phrase figure it out too.

There is a part of me that wish that he would text me and that we can simply text thing out, or talk. But no sign of such thing so far, so I have to slowly let go. I’m not going to apologize for anything. He blamed me enough and was m such a sissy. Talking about being a gentlemen…

Another of my co-worker told me that some girls kept dating the same type of guy. This provoked my thought, which made me reflect on myself. I typically date the needy type of guy just like myself, so that I can simply keep him to myself. Which is absolutely not healthy or right by any means.

Right now though, I think I have a better understanding of what I look for in a guy:

-he must love God and thrive to be like Him

-someone who loves and cares for my family and my relatives as much as I do

-someone who is caring and loving towards other and me

-someone who is generous, genuine, and love to help me with anything

-someone who like to surprise me

-someone who shows me love consistently

-someone who is handsome inside and out

-someone with an amazing smile and good teeth

-someone tall, at least 5.11 ft

-someone who pays attention to the little things

-someone who likes to play sport

-someone who is open minded

-someone who is comfortable with who he is, basically not too insecure like about their claves or something

-someone who does not have anger issue

-someone who is patient and loving towards me even in disagreement

-someone who can eat anything

-someone healthy and care about his health and the health of his loved ones

-someone who is ok with not having pets

-someone who is calm and mature

-someone who loves other

-someone that compliments me

-someone that can make me laugh

-someone who is not controlling

-someone who willing to say sorry when realized they’re wrong

-someone who is verbally, emotionally, and physically abusive

-someone that my family and relatives like and care for

-someone optimistic

-someone manly and is a gentlemen

-someone who likes to try new thing

-someone that doesn’t have tattoo

-someone who doesn’t curse, swear, or insult others

-someone without road rage

-someone who is “smart” with people and themselves

-someone who help others

-someone is considerate of me

-someone who will put me first

-someone who will allow me to do thing I want to do

-someone who is supportive of me and my dreams

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