Something positive

Today’s Thai’s mother day. And I have no word to describe who grateful I am for the strong, loving, courageous women God bought me into my life–my mom, my aunt Wiruya, my aunt Wimonrat, my aunt Patcharee, and my wonderful little sister Gift. These are the women in my life whom I feel in debt and their power lifted my a dark place in my life. They are my heroes. I love my Daddy dearly and very very very very much, but there are some conversations that my dad simply doesn’t reach me. Perhaps because we’re the opposite gender and perhaps biology is what accounted for. Women and men speaks differently.

I forever grateful for Bea, Cindy, and Patcharee because they’ve gone through similar situation therefore they could relate to how I feel more than my sister. Even though she too could feel what I feel and could tell when I’m feeling sad. I love these individuals in my life dearly and I am so thankful that God allow me to have them as my aunts and sister. I feel so grateful. Even though I been through tough time, but in these tough situations are when God reveals to me his love and show me who are the people that matter most to me. Bea is one of the significant examples. How could I also forgot my grandma! My grandma is definitely in the category. Bea has one of the biggest and most courageous heart I know. She is small, but very very strong. She is patience, loving, and honest. I feel absolutely blessed to have her in my life because she truly cares for me. Cindy is also another individual that I am truly grateful for. She is one of the strongest women I know. Whatever he tell me I know they come from a good place of her heart and intentions. Patcharee always give me a Godly advice. Whoever I spoke to her, it is as if the message comes from the Lord himself. Another successful women in my life is Dr. Pet, she has her way of talking that is quite wise.m even though we didn’t know each other very well. But her word of advice stuck with me.

Gift has her way of comforting me. She is my best friend. She has a special talent that could me laugh and it’s a joy to be around a goof ball. She has a big heart, generous, loving, and strong. I feel like whoever get to be with her, would be a very lucky guy because this sister of mine is simply awesome. I can’t name any horrible things about my goof ball. She is a joy to be around. She is not as emotional as I am. Our emotional side come from different source. But what amazed me is that Gift can tell when I’m feeling sad, down, awkward, disappointed, etc. she can feel me and that is rare

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