What to do

What to doooo…. when you miss a bad person. It takes a while, I am no longer as sad or in anguished, but I do want to talk to him 🙁 it’s absolutely annoying. Absolutely annoying. There is are so many other people in the world. It’s possible to meet other people that are more compatible, caring, gentle, and loving. He is ink you one guy you happened to meet for a reason that’s it. Nothing more. Someone who doesn’t care that much or someone who you didn’t care that much. I think I do care for him, but I can’t give my love to him because I knew it would be destroyed into pieces. I just couldn’t fully loved him. I miss him though. I want to talk. I want to end things in good terms, but it seems like there is so many harshness unbearable to be fixed. There is no point in turning back. There is not. I have to move forward. I must keep going. I must let go. I must think positive. I must be happy. I must learn to cope with loneliness at times. There is something isn’t right about that relationship. What I feared in the beginning turned into reality. I feared change (for the worse). No matter how much anyone said. It happened. It did. That change. It happened. Now I must be able to accept that I’m alone, single, not in relationship and that there is no other option but to move forward and looking forward. You have an unclear dreams and goals. This guy you were dating were not supportive of your dreams and goals. He was simply running along for the ride. He was not willing to fully discuss the future. I miss him though. I wish perhaps we could talk. But at the same time, there is no point right, to talk. I guess we could. But I am scared–of disappointment. I’m scare of being hurt–getting hurt. I did like him. But it just wasn’t enough. It wasn’t.

Life goes on. It always does.

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