It has been quite sometime now that I woken up thinking about him. I miss it. The physical. We didn’t have that much emotional connection which honestly would make the relationship better. It’s a shame. There is part of me that I wanted to fix it. Why though. Why. Why exactly I don’t know. There is a question of whether I am simply not clever to go back. Or I haven’t really ask someone to come back into my life. Last time was when I tried to compromise. When I tried to convince. I had a feeling that he didn’t really care. What about me, did I care enough? Maybe not either. Perhaps we were both infatuated. Perhaps I did care for him. Perhaps I love him? Or maybe not. I don’t know. There is a part of me that wanted to start over. Why. Why go back to the pain. He didn’t really come back. What should I do. My sister didn’t like him. Honestly he seemed like someone who I may not even liked. What do I even like about him. Sometimes he is considered. He hugged me. He took me to places. He can sometimes did things he didn’t really want to. Is it a good idea for me to ask him all these questions.

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