First day of class

So far so good. My emotional state is not too bad either. I’m doing better for sure and I hope this keep on climbing exponentially. I like my professor so far. One of them are funny while the other one seem genuine. I saw a cute guy today at West Hall. That was fun. There are lots of people today. I saw 3 people I previously knew from last semester. That was nice. Giammarco decided to text me again. Well, there is no need to, really. But thanks I presumably. I still need to decide whether to take regular or honors creative art course. I also need to retake Yoga… anyway I think I’m doing to much better and I hope that one day I would just be ok. I hope to focus on my school work and be on top of classes.

Gift seems to already make friend. I’m not too worry about her in the friend making area. I just hope that she would get serious enough about all of her classes. It is a lot to take in for her first semester. I had no doubt that she could make all As, however it is really depends on how she manage to stay on top of her classes.

I hope Chad is doing well. I though about what he told me to remember all the amino acids, which I will get to. I sort of miss it, but I rather not think about it. Let go. Forgive and forget. Remember what is good and trash what is bad. I just want to think positive for what happened because it helps me rest a bit. I want to see the good, I do.

I have one more class I have to go. I hope the Professor is not as intimidating as he seems. Cheers!

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