Hey dude

Hey dude. I just wanted to tell you that I did myself an injustice by watching a video of you singing happy birthday to me. Thank you for doing it regardless of why. I did wanted to celebrate it with you that night. I did. I didn’t eat anything at Pie Bar because I wanted to eat cake with you.

I have to say I’m definitely getting over you which is good. There were many incompatibilities. I’m social. You aren’t. I like people. You don’t. I go with the flow. You don’t. You like to compromise. I do too, but most of the time I don’t.

Instead of dwelling in the unresolved past, I’m going to move on. I sure want to talk about what happened, but I don’t know what will that do honestly. I am sure it’ll do something, but there is no point in me reaching out. I don’t have to. I don’t.

You remains my memory. A bitter one. Unfortunately. I wasn’t happy. Apart of you were living in the past. I am not going to endure something that made me unhappy.

I wish you all the best and I miss you. I do. I don’t know why I even was with you. I don’t know. You didn’t really make me laugh. Even if I do, you were insecure and questioned why I laughed. It’s ridiculous. It’s absurd. Insane. I don’t think I can be with someone too emotional. My little sister, here, already falling asleep. She is the best. My lovely sister. I really enjoy spending time with her. I love this little elephante.

I miss you, Chad. I know I’m being crazy and inflicting myself with this pain. But I miss you. I don’t know why I just text you, right. Well, I am not going to because I wouldn’t know what to do after that. I miss the good part, but there were many bad past that doesn’t out weight the good, so that being said I’ll keep convincing myself that. Until I find another guy I like, I might continue to miss you a bit. No one will want me to get back with you anyway. What do I want? I want peace, harmony, love, and cheerfulness. I didn’t get that with you. It would be too much to ask because people more than likely are willing to change overnight on their own. You either have what I look for or you don’t. As simple as that.

I sure what to resolve it, but there is something telling me that if I go in, I will be disappointed once again. The pain is the price and I don’t think this experience is worth what I will be willing to pay or even bargain for.

Peace ✌️

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