Just want to complain

So apparently I’ve decided to downloaded bumble, this girl choosing guy to talk to them first sort of dating app. Let just says that t it gets extremely tiring. It’s like an information overload. So many faces. It’s so unproductive, draining experience. Most of the time I see the same type of guys over and over again. If not the gym then it’s dogs. If not dogs then about the gym… 😔 anyway, the experience was tiring like I’ve previously mentioned. It’s like I’m stuck. I’m stuck in not going back to my ex and not seeing anyone interested. I’ve two so far that I thrust was not bad looking. I like guys with nice smile, that’s a catch for me. Oh forgot majority of them hold beers in there hands on the pictures. I don’t get it. It’s not attractive to post with beers. Another problem here is that most of them have dogs or some type of pets and I will absolutely not a pet person.

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