Sometimes, doubt or negativity is something I need to watch out for. They shouldn’t have a hold on me. People will think what they want to think. I can’t control that. All I can try to do is how I choose to interpret certain data. It is it useful, I will stored it on file. If it is junk, then it is going into the trash.

I want to be a good writer. A writer that communicates with majority of people. Random thought.

Anyhow, back to topic. It doesn’t matter what people think of what I am doing or my work. It doesn’t even matter. It only truly matters to what it means to me. Are what I do is the thing I believe in. Is it something I find passion in. Is it something I am excited, feel fire for. Does it empowered, excites, motivates me. How does the work or the things I believe in makes me feel. It only matters when I find it matter. This not a battle against others as much as. It can, but only if the moment is call for.

I cannot live life free from other people. I need their interactions. I am starting to get confuse a little. Hahaha. There is balance to everything. Enzyme operates the best when it is at their optimum pH level. We, too, works like enzyme. We can learn so much from God given nature. Philosophy as well. How nature works.

People probably won’t care what you have to say until they think you’re worth hearing. I learn that from my one relatives. It is also their choice. I go to them once I know they’ll be able to offer or know what they’re talking about. You will learn what to talk to to different people.

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