If there is one thing you learned at 22

If there is one thing I learned at 22 is that life is too short–

-to be sad

-to be miserable

-for wishful thinking at things I can’t or don’t have

Life is too short to be wasted on heart break or wishing for something that isn’t meant to be or what not.

My dad and I had this talk. He opened my eyes in many things. He’s right.

I’ve been wasting my life being sad and miserable. I should go out and enjoy things. I really should. I want to learn how to skate. Well, go do that. Regardless of worrying about getting hurt, falling, and such. Go buy yourself a skateboard. Practice it everyday and see what that will do to you.

You always have the inclination for adrenaline. Learning how to skate will also pave your way for snowboarding, which has been something you always wanted to do.

Cam, life is too short to be wasted on sadness or disappointment. If it doesn’t go your way, it is ok because there are life left to do more thing. Let it go~let it go~ like what Frozen 1 told you.

Live your life. You really should do that. There isn’t lots of girl who skate on campus. If you learn it over summer break, you would be so cool doing it. Or even a long board, but skating is harder, so go hard or go home.

But yourself a skate board and thank God always.

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