What’ve learn again at 22

I’ll not allow myself to be drowning or floating on sadness. Even if the safest days are days in which I lost my loved one, maybe I don’t know the actual extent of it, but I will only allow myself to grieve for a certain period of time and that’s it. That’s all.

If in the future, I’m going through another bad, ugly, awful break up where it’s my fall or due to my stupidity or what not. I will learn what I could’ve done better and do better on the next relationship. Learn from my mistakes, prepare for the next one, and not drown in sadness or regrets.

Give myself times to really learn information/materials from classes; to retain and to fully understand it well enough to teach other people.

Learn to exercise and eat well even if you don’t wan to or feel like it.

Keep following/checking things you wanted to do in life. Whatever it may be.

Don’t worry. About the now, today, tomorrow, in five years or in ten years. Embrace the moment. Love it no matter what. Love it, thank it even when it’s doesn’t seem to be going your way or how you wanted it to be.

Be happy. Always be happy. Always spread joy and positivity to the people around you. Whoever you interacted.

Thank God always. Always.

Call Daddy and Mommy super duper often. Set an alarm if you forget.

Give love to Gift.

Call all your relatives twice a week. Set an alarm.

Start reading the MCAT. Daily.

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