I’m about to go see the carillon ceremony at my school. There will also be carol of lights afterward.

Nostalgia is getting less and less to me.

I’m happy with everything going on so far.

I have my final left. I’m a little…

But it’ll be ok. Everything will be ok.

I just shower. I love the smell of after shower the most. It’s the best.

I miss you a bit. But everything will be ok. Acceptance and moving on is part of recovery. Life is too short to be sad or regret about the past.

Everything is good.

Listening to good musics. Work hard and stay humble. My 22 years of life is not the grandest, but it might as well just be with a switch of a mind. God knows and works through all things even if I don’t know or see his work. I will eventually see it. Trust and give thanks to Him. For his Goodness and provision.

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