Today has been a good day

Today has been amazing. I woke up earlier than usual so I get more things done. I did my laundry and went grocery shopping at a store I thought would be less crowded than the store I usually go to. I bought a lot of groceries. It was a challenge carrying all of them in one trip from my car to my room. Bit with God’s help, I did it. I cleared my fridge, got rid of old foods (which is not very many) and clean all the dishes from the old food and that was nice. The weather was nice outside, I did not feel rushed at all shopping or driving. I made one my favorite dishes and eat while also watching Tarzan II. After that I drink a cherry juice that my uncle recommended and that was good too because cherry helps cardiovascular health! Them I sat and trying to study but one of my good friend, Roxanne called and I gladly and excitedly answered. We chatted a while and noted we need to hangout again very soon! Now I am eating yogurt typing about my day. Today has been amazing, tomorrow will be too

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