This is interesting how much my mind thinks about food. What food do I crave, what do I want to make, what sounds good right now, etc. Foods pop in my mind all the time and I could not help but thought what it would be like to eat them!

I guessed it’s not a bad thing. It’s better than thinking about more horrible stuff.

I was watching YouTube video about which chain restaurants had the best fried chicken then right after I finished that video, I then watched which chain restaurants had the best chicken tenders. Can you believe how much I love watching food videos and then craving them afterwards.. umm that’s me.

I really want to make good fried chicken, but sometimes I think buying them is quicker and easier. They taste good too. However, I get more chicken making them at home and it probably has a better quality. It would not exactly taste like when I buy from restaurants but I safe more money and it’s healthier too.

I don’t know when I became so obsessed with chicken especially frying them. I think I’m going to make chicken lemon fettuccine Alfredo tomorrow 👌

Alright, goodnight

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