Skateboarding …

Comes with prize; nothing is truly for free. I love being on that thing along with rollerblading. They’re different. They’re both fun. But one I would say hurts more. Skateboarding… I was on it for approximately 3 days and everyday I was on it I bled every time. I fall at least twice a day. One of falls would ended up hurting and me bleeding. The worse part is not getting bled bruises but cleaning them with alcohol or soap. More with alcohol. That thing bit like nothing I’ve ever felt. I mean the sensation of alcohol into your bleeding flesh is just beyond describable. It hurts like …. the underground, yeah you know what I mean.

This is the trade off for being on a skateboard I supposed. I have fun and I sometimes pay with blood. I would say it gives you a sense of freedom and the wind and scenery just grinding, sliding by you. It was sure fun, but I sure DONT like falling and tripping my face to the concrete gravel. It hurts. A lot. I’m lucky I didn’t shift one of my teeth or something. But the flesh on my hands and knee is also not fun. I hope to be more optimistic but I will try again tomorrow? Probably if I’m bored. I will get on it again. But I don’t want to feel discourage to have fun. I don’t want fear and pain to get in my way of feeling free on the board. I really don’t want the unknown and fear to hinder my freedom to have fun on it. I want to have fun and not be scared to try different trick again. I don’t want to be discouraged. And it won’t be because that’s part of the fun.

The price to pay; nothing is truly free, until something proven me wronged

You know I once asked someone why would get on that thing and hurt yourself!? It is funny that now I sort of understand why. Skateboarding is cool and fun. It is free. Freedom. It is different; not everyone can do it. Only those who’s willing to risk can do it. Only those people who are different and have the gut could do it. That person has been me. I love stuff like that ever since I was little. I wanted to skateboard, rollerblade, ice skate, and wave boarding. I love this type of activity partially because it is so much fun and yes, it involves risk and that is part of the fun. I do think that I have low pain tolerance, isn’t it funny. I hate pain, but still go through things that would inflict pain in me. 

Now how am I suppose to play my keyboard? I would have to wait for awhile until the open wounds heal… what about washing my dishes, water and soap that use on daily basis will be my worst nightmare. yikes…

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