Horror Script


A young mother gave birth to a twin girls. She suffered the horrible amount of pain. She is a window and living alone after her husband’s death. Without the medical care she needed, she soon died due to excessive bleeding after child birth right in front of young, innocent children’s eyes. The babies wept and cried, luckily a milk man who delivered fresh milk to the home every week came and saw the horrendous scene of a dead mother and two of her crying babies. He was shocked at the scene, but it did not delayed him to called the police immediately.

The detective came to examine the scene and declared the cause of death as natural. The baby were taken care at the hospital to make sure there is no harm to them. Good news is one of them is healthy while the other twins suffer a cut on the back of her right thigh. Otherwise, both babies perfectly normal and robust. The police were trying to identify relatives of the mother. They dig into the family history only to discovered no one connecting to her. The mother was a widow and an only child. Her husband died of car crash 3 months before the twins were born. Their relatives were long dead and no one seemed to be able to adopt them. Luckily, the nurse named Margaret who took care of them started grow a loving bond for the twins. She decided to take action and raised them as her own. She named one of the twin, Emma and the other Jane. Even though they are twins, she noticed that the twins are rather quite different in every ways. Jane is quite a gentle and loving girl while Emma was quiet and distant. Jane preferred to play with Emma, but she had rather played alone when they were young.

When it was the age for both girls to attend elementary school. It was not a surprised that Emma had many friends while Jane had none.

Jane: “Jane? Do you want to play tag with us?”

Emma: “Sure.”

Jane: “What really!?”

Emma: “Yeah.”

Lydia: “Well that’s new.”

Thomas: “Tag, Jane, you are it!”

The chidden played for quite awhile within the neighborhood. Margaret was surprised to see Emma paying with other kids before last time she tried had made her sad for a week. She thought to herself, everything seem to slowly work out for Emma. She was just a slow bloomer as compared to her sister, but she is getting there.

Emma: “Tag Thomas, you’re it,” slammed Emma.

Thomas: “Ouch, Emma that hurt! Stop hitting me so hard!”

Thomas started to wielded.

Emma: “I am sorry, I did not mean to…”

Other kids: “I am not surprised..there is always something wrong.”

Other kids: “Let’s go.”

Jane: “Thomas, are you okay!?”

Thomas: “Your sister tagged me with a sharp thingy, not fair at all. Awao, awao, don’t touch it!!! My mom is going to freak out, again.” Blood started dripping on the street as Thomas began walking home.

Emma: “I said I am sorry, I did not mean too..”

Lydia: “Why can’t you just act like everyone. So they can like you. No one wants to play with you because you hurt them!”

Emma started crying as familiar as this sounds. Events like this always happened when she play with other kids. Emma have hard time adapting to new situations. Social settings do not seemed to like her. She tried but she often failed.

Jane: “Hey at least you got to play with us today.”

Emma: “I wish you would just leave me alone and stop inviting me to your friends.”

Jane: “Well, I saw you standing there, so I thought I had asked.”

Emma: “And it did not go well.”

Part 1: Margaret 

By this time, the girls are all grown up. Jane is working as therapist while Emma work in lab. The two girl seems to live a complete separate lives in a different city. Emma works in Southern California while Emma lives Maine. One day, both received a news that their mother’s health is deteriorating after she had fallen in the bathroom, breaking several hip bones. After this incident, she does not seem to quite recovered. Both girls decided to fly to Minnesota to be with their mother.

Emma: “Hey, long time so see.”

Jane: “Is your job ok?”

Emma: “It is alright, my boss is crazy in the head as always.”

Jane: “Well hang in there, you know, I know someone who is hiring for a scientist, let me know if you are interested in moving to the sunny Southern California.”

Emma: “haha, thanks, I will let you know in another life.”

They soon found out that Margaret will die soon.  In her dying breath.

Margaret: “Girls, I have to tell you something.”

Jane: “What is it, ma?”

Margaret: “Right here in this hospital, 30 years ago, was when I felt in loved with the two of you.”

Emma: “Ma, stop with the clique, please. We have been hearing the same story that were just told in different ways.”

Jane: “Hush, Em. Hush, Go on, ma. I’m listening.”

Margaret: “I never told you that you weren’t coming from mine, but from a lady who died from a complication of child birth. She was your mother. Her name is Lauren Hackett. Here is her picture, she look just like you more than I do, hah? Now you know why”

The girls listened in shocked in disbelief.

Jane: “It makes no different, ma. It does not matter, you are our mom.”

Margaret: “You deserve to know the truth.”

Jane: “It is ok.”

Emma: “Well that’s something I did not expect.”

Margarette: “Girls, promised me that you will stick to each other. There is no one else beside you two, together. Don’t part ways, sister, especially twins are not meant to separate.

Both girls replied, “Yes, ma.”

The buried their mother’s corpse and said “Goodbye.” Jane wept in pool of tears while Emma shed none.

Lydia whisper to her friend, “You know it is odd that Emma did not shed a single tear drop at her mother’s grave.”

Other ladies: “What do you expect, she never change.”

Other ladies: “Remembered when she squeezed the little bird when we in middle school?”

Lydia: “Omg, yes! That’s literally hunted me for a week, horrible!”

Other ladies: “I don’t know anyone who can put up with her like Jane.”

Lydia: “You know, she’s rare… I wondered if she and Thomas still date. They were cute together. A classic small town story.”

Part 2: Grown-up Stuff

2 years have passed since their mother’s death. Jane decided to quit her job and move back to Minnesota for a break before she will start finding a job in town. After she situated the place, clean, mop, and sweep all the dust. She looked back at her old family photo and often felt the bitterness, sweet. She misses her precious mother.

She speak to herself “No time to be sad, my stomach is sadder than my soul.” She decided to go buy groceries at the childhood place.

“Yo, Jane!” Thomas was so surprised to see his high school sweetheart after years that they had a separate lives after ending high school.

Jane: “Thomas! Wow, it has been so long, it’s crazy!”

Thomas: “How have you been? And what are you doing here?!”

Jane: “I decided to move back, you know, the house is getting old, someone has to take care of it.”

Thomas: “No joke! This is insane. I could not believe you just left everything to come back!”

Jane: “Yeah, it seems shocking, but not really. This is home.” Both were just starring until Thomas break the silence, “Hey, let me know if you need a muscle with all the man’s stuff, just give me a call, I hope you still remember our phone’s house.”

Jane: “Thanks, Tom. Well I better run before the things go bad, catch ya later!”

Jane was caught off guard to meet her long time childhood best friend and ex-boyfriend. She though to herself, it really has been awhile, but not anymore.

“Knock, knock, knock” She heard something like a knock on her door. Wait a second, it is 4 a.m.! She grab a lantern and walked downstair to the mysterious door. At this point the knock kept getting louder and louder as she moved closer to it. It does not seem to stop. It kept on increasing the intensity. Jane froze and felt an awful sense of panic. Who would knock a door like this. It has been a long time since she heard a familiar style of someone knocking like this. It reminded of her when Emma decided to turn off the bathroom light when she was in it and Emma knew she was scare of the dark.

The knocking finally subsided as Jane looked into the peep hole, it be extremely surprised.


Emma: “Jane, let me in, quickly, now!”

Jane: “Emma, what’s wrong?! Why is there blood?”

Emma: “I got into an accident earlier, someone crashed into my car as I drove here. I know you are confused why I am doing here at 5 a.m.” I heard that you decided to come home when I decided to surprised you at your home in CA. Well, you were not there and the place looked dead. Your landlord said that you moved back, so I decided surprised you here instead.”

Jane: “I am surprised, very.”

Emma: “I know well, can you help me move my stuff?”

Jane: “Uh yeah, yeah, of course.”

Jane woke up at around 10 a.m. after being unexpectedly surprised by her twin sister sudden arrival that completely knocked her away. Even though, Jane was happy to see her sister, she also thought that this is so unlike her sister, who is often quiet and to herself. She can sometimes be sarcastic and cold.

Part 3: Ex-Boyfriend

It did not take long Jane and Thomas to click again when they were both each other’s first real love. They began to go on dates and soon enough he was her boyfriend again for the second time.

“Hey, Thomas, Lydia, and I are going to the lake next week. Lydia’s parents have a vacation house by the lake, if you wanted to join us,” said Jane.

Emma: “you know Lydia does not like me very much, who knows how long.”

Jane: “that was such long time ago, we are not kids anymore.”

Emma: “Ok, let me know when.”

Jane: “Is that a yes?”

Emma: “What do you think”

Jane quickly get on her phone to tell Lydia who else will be coming. After Jane hung up. Lydia could not helped but noticed a trend, but quickly brushed it off.

At the house by the lake, Lydia could only crude jokingly that her and Emma are still here while Jane and Thomas seemed to have forgotten they existed. “Guys, we are still here, excused me. This is not your honeymoon. Last time I check both of us still have friends and are not married!”

Jane: “I’m sorry, Lydia. My attention is all on you.”

Thomas: “Yeah, mine too.”

Lydia shake her head. “Also, is you sister still here? The last time I saw her was 3 days ago when we just got here. I’m surprised she’s even here with us, but not really with us.”

Thomas: “Leave her alone, Lydia. She can hear you, you know.”

Lydia: “Do I look like I care.”

Jane: “Let me go check on her.”


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