A letter to my boss

I wanted to let you know that the opportunity you had given me here at Starbcuks made me see my ill behavior clearer than before. I was honestly couldn’t pinpoint exactly what was wrong that I gave myself and you such hard times. I seriously lacked Real-World-working experiences that I desperately needed for personal growth. I finally was able to see what hindered me from truly growing—pride and ego. I’ve never had a real-life job like working with you and your team. It was the opportunity that was not easy for me, but to say the least, it was the biggest moment of my life to grow an inch emotionally and professionally taller (not so much physical). And also to think more maturely. I had no idea what it was actually like to l work with a large team where every person action directly linked to one another and where every second counts. I couldn’t accept being told and was a little if not a lot too full of myself. I didn’t know how to behave or to read the room (with the mask being one of the reasons that made it hard to read facial/social cues). I resented and contented with many things and all I could think was blaming it on something else other than myself. I’m also sorry for being contemptuous towards you and your team. It was like I’m not able to find the root caused of my poor, difficult behaviors. I’m glad that I get to see what I was actually blinded to—such as actually getting to practice how to act and to think about others on the team and read the environment of the room. This was the second hardest thing I’ve ever gone through. I was naive to the entire experience until one day something just hit me and it was God sent. I’m lucky to have a family member who was able to give a constructive advice objectively. I owed many thanks to her wisdoms. Anyhow I wanted to let you know that I don’t dislike you or anyone in the team whatsoever. But I actually thank you for just seeing something in me to hire in the first place. You’ve been generous with me chances after chances. I now see that I was difficult to work with. But thank you, Dana for allowing me to have the opportunity to re-examine myself and many of my in-deficiencies (lacking). Also thank you for letting me into your world and be so graceful to me; not to mention being patience when it was really hard. I really am appreciative of my being here—learning. I get to grow like I’ve never been before if not l for Starbcuks—You, Andrea, and Bri as my bosses. I literally don’t know how to behave when I thought I was being “bossed” around or been told what to do that I took it personally and thought it was unfair. No one has ever said it frankly to me like what you have done at Starbcuks. And who knows that I actually needed to be coach this way to finally see it. I’m glad I get to see my reflection better than I’ve ever did before and it couldn’t have been without you being in it. Dana, thank you for Everything—for every coaching that I took personally and your tone that was meant to be serious and firm yet full of good intentions. I’m sorry for being uncooperative and ill-behaves. Please tell Andrea and Bri too that I thank them too. 

I hope you will let the new hires know that you are coming from a good place.

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