Good this time

Back at it again

This is not a self actualization story, but it’s simply a continuation of a story. I feel different today at starbs and maybe it is mostly God. I don’t think it could have been the way it is if not for him. I take things personally first 95% of the time, but for some reason today, I’m kind of just ok with the all comments, etc. which is weird and that’s why I say this is God-doing. Obviously the day hasn’t ended and I still a lot more figure out. But it was an interesting day. I don’t know if it’s going to keep up or what. But it was still a really interesting day for me and I think that it is a good day. I thank God for it wholeheartedly and to Him be the glory. I still wanted to improve and humble myself and honestly, I can’t speak this for others, but I’m grateful when things get hard and I’m proud to be able to endure and persevere the moments. I know I can’t change anything and I wouldn’t because God is perfect. He always got me. I am grateful to have gone through it and endure and persevere. It is a good feeling to have well a sense of calmness when it could have been lots of negativities.

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