Honor Your Parents

Honor your father and mother 

I don’t know if there is an asterisk to this verse. Sometimes, there are times when I felt like kicking my dad in the face even though I probably couldn’t reach him or would actually do it. I felt like it couple minutes ago. I suspected him being hangry but that still doesn’t excuse his behavior. I believe in treating people with decency and not even just decent but how I actually wanted to be treated. However, this does not ring all true all the time if I wasn’t treated as such. I will not treat them nicely if I begin to treat me like crap. I will treat them like the crap that they are instead in order to keep the crap from flowing out from them to spill more and more. My dad was hangry and he was being an a**hole. He was angry because I got him the wrong type of fish when he ordered me to buy it. He could have done that himself in theory. Well I know I got the right type of fish. I am 100% sure unless my brain was playing some type of trick. Well, he was already pissed at me. I was chewing a campfire cupcake I bought from the Silos. It was good until I got interrupted. I couldn’t really responded back as I was chewing so he just yelled at me even more—hot headed. I had to type what I wanted to say as shut him up and blaming me when I was 99.99% sure I got him the right kind of fish. He kept spitting fire at me and that made me angry to the point where I felt like crying. I told him to go back to the market and just buy it himself. I’ve done my best. Obviously, if you’re reading this, there were many thing that went wrong from the get-go. There could be many preventions but neither of us were willing to yield. I am not always able to view certain situations objectively but I also believe in fairness and the Golden Rule. However, I don’t always treat them with the Rule if they are being a b-word. This is something I wish I could have done better. I knew I got him the right type of fish because there was a name tag that says the fish was wild caught. And as I suspected the tag was mislabeled and I knew it had to be as such but he was going to be a butt and said “well, don’t you know what the fish looked like from yesterday when you ate it!!!!” Heck, yea I did when it was fried! How am I supposed to know what it looked fresh!!! My dad was more at wronged here and so was the person who incorrectly labeled the dang fish. Geez, I felt like a scapegoat. I put more of the blamed on my dad though, he was definitely a butt hole. But that butt hole is STILL my dad. And I wouldn’t trade this butt hole any other ways just maybe tweaked it to where he need to not let himself get hangry because it made me wanted to cry. 

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