It is 4 am and I had just repost 11 blogs that I didn’t get a chance to upload

So it’s like the title says, 4 am in Oct. 12, 2020. Well it’s more like 4:41 am when I begin this sentence to be accurate about the time. I’m laying on my bed typing my thought because I didn’t have to get up early in the morning. I would have been at work by now, but I don’t have my early job so I’m get to sleep in a bit and begin my afternoon job at 1 pm. It’s quite a day today. I got mad at my dad like I have been the past couple of weeks. A month to be exact. I don’t know what when wronged because when I asked him, he said nothing or said it was his fault. I know it wasn’t only his fault but I also not sure about what I done wrong. Anyhow, like what my precious post mentioned, I’m done being bitter at him and Simply going to just live my life and not be passive aggressive at him. It gets old and has no point. I’m just going to try to worry about my emotion, work, and sleep schedule. Hopefully, I will actually get up tomorrow to work at my afternoon job. For now, I’m calling it good night. P.s. the reason why I repost like 10 posts back to back is because I’m literally able to get back my original WordPress account. I’m really happy now that I get to use WordPress on any device—phone and laptop. So I’m will get to post on the day off instead of typing it on Apple Notes App. So this is good news😌

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