Someone asked me..What it was like growing up

So what was it like growing up was a question…

Well, no one have ever asked me that before, but it was a great question that I could answer in a few words than the original. Growing up, my parents gave me a lot of freedom. There are pros and cons to the story. Pros: It give me lots of confidence to be myself, to be happy on my own. Cons: I hate people telling me what to do–order around, being harsh, mean, rude. I also don’t know how to compromise since I am the oldest. I am so used to doing my own thing be be my own boss for the 23rd year of my life that my world got shaken when this person was being hellish towards me. My mentor (not this boss) have told me that “You’re out spoken.” and I am.. which some people especially “my superiors” does not like that. Well the bad ones are at least because they are just regular to below average bosses for 5-8 hours and definitely not leaders in anybody’s lives.

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