Today at worky-worky

I’m not sure if it’s because I was exhausted, hangried, or something else today. But at work this morning, I was feeling some the the above and it causes me to be snappy and frustrated. My energy has never been low like such, but perhaps some of us was feeling the same too. It has been an interesting day. Because I wasn’t as positive as I used to be. However, after work was an entire different ball game, well more of like after my 10-minute break of chocolate croissant and a little chat with a co-worker, I felt instantaneously better—not frustrated, gloomy, or hostile. Working at this job or should I say this location, situations get hectic, tense, and could be short circuit at times. I would say that it has been the experience that money cannot purchase. Did I tell you that I’ve wanted to work as a dentist or a surgeon, even though I’m leaning a bit more towards surgery. Anyhow, perhaps dentistry is my calling that God knew I would be most satisfied. I am honestly not sure which direction to take. I’m either being stubborn or still question and not trusting enough that perhaps God has already given me big signs but I still refused to see/work toward. Maybe that is the case… I need to pray more regarding this big decision in life. Somehow, I think that God truly intended for me to work at this job. This job really tested who I am as a person—my ability to work and still stay relative stable during pressure. It’s not easy but it does most of the time went by quickly. I am thankful and I’m learning more about myself—how I feel, my triggers, and what I still really really need to work and improve on. I’m getting itchy being outside typing this. I’m done for now, maybe I will get back to it later.

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