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So my WordPress doesn’t seems like it wants to be working for me..

Needless, I still going to write. I want to work on my inner confidence. It’s not being arrogance or egotistical but to not be shaken by people and their deeds. I know what I don’t like or how people do things sometimes. I’m like an untamed birds. And probably more so than anyone I know, I like being free. I had just finished watching Enola Holmes and just like her, I was razed my a mostly non-restricted parent—by her mom. Her mom taught her many skills she knew Enola would later find useful and to survive in life. Of course, this Su is a movie and I obviously could relate and would like to use what ‘Mia being applied to me. However, there is also part of me that suspicious of what advice rang true and are there such thing as world advice and whether they come from. And is believing in God not being free. I don’t know but my heart knows that I did doubt Him right for 5 seconds and I would have sank for the same if not more equal amount. I wonder if I believe in Him because I don’t believe in myself. Because I needed extra cushion to help me. Honestly, Jesus makes me a better person and All Good Things truly comes from Him.m, including that movie Enola. I like to be myself and I’m still working on it. I try and will continue to work on not being a people pleaser. But to be someone who thrive for the well-being of others and to have do thing for God’s glory. Back to the bucks, I am upset with my coworkers.m for the reason being many of them get bossy, and orderly with me and also being critical. Sometimes, I feel like they just wanted to reduce my confidence. I don’t know what to think, but I heard from someone that “you can grow when you’re allow it to be.” That is quite powerful and also this “where you will be today, matters where you will be tomorrow.” I don’t like being told what to do, especially when I feel like you’re picking and choosing unnecessarily about what I do. This shift manger does bothers me. I pray that I can be still and to not be shaken.

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