At the end of the day, fam is fam

No matter how angry I was at my family. As I learned that anger spread like wild fire and it caused destruction of lives. —-that was my anger and it started because of accumulation unfavorable environment that sets the stage for the D-day. It only took a little sparks to burn the entire city as well as spreading the nearby. My anger works like the analogy here, but like any beginning, I hope there is ending. Sometimes the ending takes a few seconds, minutes, hours, months, and even years. My anger took a month-ish, but I think with prayer from friends and family, the fire and destruction in my heart got put off earlier than without any prayers. The reason why I title this blog post as such is because at the end of the day, family is still my family and my dad is always right to say that he does in fact love me more than the love I have for him. The love that my dad has was probably 50 times greater than mine, if he love me at a hundred then my love of him is a little less than half. Even though love in theory can not be labeled or quantify. Love is love and hate is hate. I also wanted to focus on the importance of prayer, it truly works and highly highly effective when God sees that it’s good. I think and certainly hope that this put an end of f my aggression towards anyone and everyone because I don’t the right to do so in the first place. I hope this is the end and if there is a narrator, they would correct me and say that “as of now.” I’m not an aggressive person but I can certainly be one and at that point I’m probably the meanest out of all the anger I have witness in my life.

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