Here I am ..

..about to speak to the Gm on the one closest to my house. She’s on her break and I am just here not even wanting to eat after I’ve gotten my impossible solely because I didn’t want to have oily lips even though it was underneath the mask, still, I wanted to appear as fresh and as confident as I can. If I am being honest, I have a feeling of 50s-50s whether I will get this job but nevertheless or which side the opportunity is leaning to, I know that Jesus got me, always. I will do my part and if it’s not meant to be or He thinks that there is a better opportunity, He’s always right, regardless. Anyhow, this place, I felt super entitled and belonged to, so I feel like I’m not done with. Yet. But there is a part of me that also knew that perhaps I should moved on. It was a golden time, but there is a part of me that says, it’s ok if you don’t get it. And that’s an attitude I’m having to whatever it is about to happen.

Well, I can no longer wait so I’m here eating the impossible. It was ok. Nothing I eat in public is as good as if I were to eat by myself. I don’t mind being watch doing other things but with eating, with eating, it’s just a different scene. I don’t think that I am a sloppy devour, but I am extra self conscious when eating. Anyhow, I just wanted enjoy myself and I am not able to as much when eating amongst other people.

I’m still here, eating and waiting. I mostly wanted to get the conversation over with, but you know, I just found out that she won’t be for another while, so there’s that. I’m going to wait until as long as I can, and yea that’ll be it. For now, it’s getting so hot in here. So hot.

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