Indecision ..hoping for resolutions

I never quite planed on quitting actually that was a lie, I’ve always planed on transfer, which means I’ve always wanted to leave this job and move to a different location closest to my house. Right now, I’ve been thinking hard about changing my mind regarding my two weeks noticed. I didn’t want to quit just yet because I felt like I haven’t given my best to be a better person. Do I feel like I could still grow under D? I feel like I could, and I did she that she was actually trying. I am sort of trying too. I could try harder but it does take lots of practice and commitment. To say that I will try won’t do any good if my heart and soul are not supporting my decision. And if I am being honest, working with Dana helped me grow quit a bit for only within short time. Not even at my other (second) job because they were more accommodating and willing to work with me and be nice and gentle. Well, this particular, is like an emergency room, but for some reason I am heavily attracted to and there was this challenging aspect I hope to over come. Anyhow, tomorrow I think I am going to let D know if I could change my heart and continue in this hardship. I am fearful but at the same time, I don’t think this type of opportunity come by very often in life and it would be extremely stupid of me to let it pass by and to simply stand still.

Dear Dana, I don’t know what you saw in me. I am thankful for bearing and chosen me and still somehow didn’t neglect me. You could have simply ignored me and that would actually be much worse. I want to grow and I want to be a better person working in the morning shift. I am not going anywhere until you tell me to go. You asked whether I wanted to be here and I am said I thought about it a lot but I haven’t thought it long enough to decide. I am actually not done. My job here isn’t finished yet, and I don’t want to run away from what I think is hard to come by. I know I made my decision to go and now I’m asking you to take me back. And you have all the power and I respect it entirely.

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