Winter Hormones

I don’t know why I inclined to title this blog as the winter hormones. But someone once told me that people (in general) are more incline to find someone to be with in the winter than I supposed other times because they idk need warmth or most people feel lonely during winter, so they would be more likely to find someone to idk cuddle with or something. I find his saying to be interesting and it really made me think for like 10 seconds, but yeah. I guess that is somewhat true in a way. From observing my pattern, I tend to (and I don’t know why there is this pattern) date people in January, be in a relationship in February, date until March, considering breaking around April and end in June and July. I have been in two romantic relationships in the past. Both are during my college years. These dating or get-together often started around January and February, so right after the major holidays of Christmas and New Year. Dating during holidays are such tests though. And these are perfect times. No holidays, no complications. No plans. I would date them for 4-5 months and then break-up when summer comes around. So far, it happened the same way, which ok I’m not trying to sound like I have psychological problem, but springs are for dating. Summers are for getting over break-ups. Winters are hibernating and enduring through the boringness of not being able to really go outside. And honestly, I Felt that today. It was cold and rainy and I literally googled what could one do on a cold, rainy day.. I was bored and sleepy. I wanted to go skating outside, but of course the floor are wet! I tried to play PubG and man it wasn’t fun. I endured it by attempting to sleep and finally I did. I woke up ate something delicious my dad made and trying to finish some beez-swags. Oh, before I started on the beez-swag, I decided to drive to sonic, in the cold, to get my small Oreo sonic blast. And it was a sweet, satisfying blast the entire maybe 30 spooning sessions. Anyhow, i got really depressed (not literally) when it was all gone and I was already thinking of going to another one called Andy’s Frozen custard for a second blast-est because they closed at 11 pm. 🙂 I literally could do that right now and heck do I want to on this cold, boring winter nights. I will be fat by spring and I think I am ok with that as long as I feel good about myself coming out of winter chunky. Ok, I won’t be feeling super lovely being fat. But, I don’t know, my body, weirdly, as of now at least, metabolize crap I ate like crazy. I should be waking up starring on my 600 lbs life (making my sup-star money) but (as of now) my thyroid is hyper reacting so, I don’t know, I just don’t really look fat, but i sure feel that way and maybe not enough to do anything about it (yet). I feel like all of this is going to injure me later tho. It is like a debt I collect on my body and one day, you wouldn’t actually be surprised to actually recognize me on TLC, living the life. Maybe that could be a gateway to try DWTS too! Man, I really frekin wanted an SMALL Oreo’s Custard from Andy’s and if I go right now, I would make it before they closed. My dad would literally butcher me alive though. Heck, I really wanted to gooooo. This is torturing and maybe I really do have psychological problems. 1. I’m obsessed with soft serve ice creams. 2. I eat too much in general. 3. I craved crap at the most unfavorable time of the day which is before bed. 4. I act like a Marsha from Snicker commercial when I’m hungry. 5. WHAT DID YOU JUST SAIDDDD TO MEHHH. 6. WANTT TOO SAY THAT AGAINNN

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