It has been awhile 2.o

I’m here sitting, eating my lunch. I might have saw somebody famous like 10 seconds ago. It was cool. He has a mask on. I couldn’t really tell. But it might be him! Ok, it wasn’t anyone famous. Never mind me. With a mask on disguise , anyone could be a celebrity. I heard many cool stories today working. For instance, one guy works as a pilot that came with his amazing wife. They both truly compliment each other. It was a joy to see. Another gentleman I met, works for Toyota. I chatted a bit and learn some cool stuff. It’s a blessing to be working and to have good, interesting conversations that I don’t just any day. More importantly, God did reminded me to love other more. People are diverse. They’re not one-size-fit-all type. And as He loves us, I, too, should learn to love better and be kind. Today and tomorrow will be fun. There’s this new, pink colored t-shirts that I’ve been intrigued to take a look at. So yeah, I’m ready to get back to work. It’ll be enjoyable.

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