Contested point of view

It’s difficult to argue with just anyone. It’s lucky to find people who come from a place of understanding yet they might as well be arguing, but it was civil, patience, respectful, and kind. Argument should be rooted in love—full of love. Everything’ll be accomplished if we love the other person on the receiving end. I’m writing this because I’ve made mistakes I’m feeling contempt towards them and they are the person I love. I just didn’t love them quite as much as if we were not arguing or debating. She brought up a very contested issue that has been happening and we heard all about it on the news. It’s challenging to escape the brokenness. Most areas have anything and everything but love, kindness, gentleness, and meekness. Many words that are held upon are power, money, and strictly right or wrong answer. It was center around the pronoun self, me, but not nearly enough we and us. There seemed to always you’re wrong and I’m right mentality revolving back and forth. Where’s love and kindness. The only true right and wrong are provided by God and Him alone. His guidance and principles are right and anything but His is wrong. Hatred of any sorts are wrong. Inequality, injustice, selfishness, and hostility are wrong and will result in consequences. Loving oneself above others is sinful and politics are areas where most people think themselves as expert that has fallen short in the glory of the Most High. Most (including myself) have focus on the incorrect agendas. We simply were missing the ultimate purpose of existing on Earth. With anything and everything we do should be for God’s Glory. Anything outside of this is sinful and therefore wrong. There is an ultimate right and wrong under the Laws of God’s. Any other ultimate purpose without rooting in Him are simply false, temporary, and plain wrong. Therefore, any pressing issues human face on a daily basis, if not directed to the teaching and the Words of Christ are dangerous. Any issues aren’t bigger than God, the Creator.

Any issues are truly convincing with God being the true source.

I’ve been guilty and fallen short on this area pertaining to politics and social dilemmas. I’ve fallen short in these subject areas because I focus too much on stuff that aren’t really matter. It was an ongoing wheel of frustration and anger. It was a cycle of wrong directions over and over again. Nothing’ll change unless we could agree that Jesus is King. All arguments could not be made unless Jesus, which is the basis could be established between the two or more people in the progress. Nothing will be accomplished if this ultimate factor couldn’t be agreed. It would be challenging but God can still work through all things…

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