I’m mostly grateful

I was playing kahoot and so i had my autocorrect turned off so that the answer which consisted mostly of abbreviations wont be autocorrect to incorrect answers. Besides this fact, i’m just feeling like typing/writting my thoughts. It’s one of the things i like to do once in awhile. I mostly do it when i would like to relieve some tensions and reflect in what really matter because the problem can seems like the biggest thing i face right now, but in reality, it’s very small. It gets me flustered and angry, but honestly I shouldn’t feel that much anger towards what happened than to actually take a deep breath and say that honestly it’s ok. Everything is still a blessing. Even in the midst of what i thought was so exaggerated horrible, wrong and stupid. It wont be stupid if i can wrestle with it. In fact, i need to come to a realization that God has given me wisdom to handle even the toughest situations i could possibly gone through. The situation that I thought was the most painful will equipped myself in the long-run. For who knows unforeseeable occurrences. Life is good at the end of the day. To be able to live is a blessing. And i couldn’t have come to this conclusion if not for the Wisdom of God who so loves me, my family and everyone. Im glad that i’ve had the chance to reflect instances. I hope to learn more and more and to grow along side my God. I pray that my heart will always be yearning for Christ, His Words and Wisdoms, Thankfulness and Love.

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