I’ve been writing more

i wrote, but more like type for 3 days straight. It’s very interesting indeed. I guess i have more to say these past three days. But what am i about to say. I believe, no, i know, we’re all individually made. However, in those uniqueness, improvement still is needed within those uniqueness. Somehow or another, God shown me what i need to see and hear. I know that betterment if self wont stop. I feel like it would ruined my individuality but in reality we always grow. That’s why our taste in music changes. Weird. I like to admit that i like change, and i fact, i enjoy it. I do. However, when it comes to changing who i am, but more like improving who i am. I felt vulnerable and reluctant. I felt as if what makes me who i am and uniquely me will make me boring and ordinary. It’s a scary thought. I can feel things and yes, i can be emotional. But it’s more of how i deal with them in a way. Im ok for the most part, am i tho. Or am i trying to hide something i rather forget about. I don’t want to say i’m ok when i was afraid. Im afraid of what mean improvement. I believe God is in control. It takes courage to admit. I admit that i need courage to admit that i need to change for good to be better. Im glad i get to type this out.

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