I don’t think i am the easiest people to deal with. Yes, being liked and not offending anyone is ultimately the goal because when they catch me at the wrong mood or moment, it usually doesn’t turn out well, especially on first impression. It’s somehow the first impression thing for me. Whether or not. I’m react to things quickly and i don’t always know how to handle them especially when dealing with someone i automatically assumed we’ll have differences. I need to take a breather when I realized I’m in a stands-offish mood, which I can be when I’m tired. I couldn’t quite regulate my emotions well when i’m tired. Today after work was a great example. I said the wrong thing when I was tired. It was horrible and I regretted it. I also tends to incorrectly assess situation. Anyhow, I’m glad for this discovery, so that in the future I could handle the situation better.

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