What’s happiness

I’m 23 yo and I’ve had over 10 plus jobs during my life time. Most jobs i quit is justifiable because i was in school and it’s hard to keep them period. However, after I graduated college I had this plan of going to medical school stalled. I decided to get some type of jobs while quarantining. I ended up with 2. I like them both, but being the person I am, I couldn’t last in those jobs. I ended being Fire from one and quit the other. I got a new job. And that job, right now, makes me question a lot of things—as to the reason why I couldn’t hold a job. I don’t get along with people I work with. I seek harmony in what I do. But I searched none in existence. I don’t get along with my co-workers and so call bosses. It made me question my inadequacies. What’s wrong with me. What’s wrong with me. Why am I not happy. Why am not get it already. Self-doubt and emotional turmoil consumes me. I thought the would was too harsh for me. I thought I can trust no one but my family. I started to resent people on the street, anyone, anywhere. I stated to dislike people and see them as pest. I don’t like what I do. And I wanted to pursue my own path. I wanted to start my own business and be my one boss. I don’t have to answer to anyone. I won’t have to pretend, so I could get along with people, so they could like and train me. I don’t like bosses. Most of them that has been bosses for a long time especially. These are people who forgot what it was like to be at the bottom.

I thought of a different possibilities for a job for my own business. I want to be independent.

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