Good feeling tires

Have you have been quite tired after a long work day that once you’re done, it provides a weird, focus, and good feelings. I’m done with work at 10 pm and here I am sitting in the car listening to music that suits my current mood. Out of nowhere I wanted to listen to a particular song that I didn’t even have it on my playlist. It’s funny, but I think the song basically said something about “I am fine, don’t worry.” It’s funny because perhaps that’s what I was subconsciously telling myself right now.

Anyhow, it had been raining in Waco, TX for the past 2 days now and so there were mud puddle everywhere. I stomped on one today and it made my black, leather slip-on shoe wet. Coincidentally, about 2 years ago, I did the exact same thing with stepping into a mud puddle at a park and that ruined my favorite light green, leather, slip-on shoe. It’s not fun as who knew where that mud puddle has been and what kind of bacteria it has. Luckily (hopefully) my foot doesn’t have any wounds or cuts, otherwise, I will have a bad bacterial infections.

I’m tired right now that part of my hyper alert brain sort of just let go and not worry or try to be in rush for something. Talking about work, today I had a customer that has my ex’s name, it was not that bad. I didn’t reminisce negatively or anything which was goal.

My dad and I work together and we pretty much make a good team. We’re both at different things which makes it beneficial and complimentary. I genuinely had a not-bad day, so I’m grateful.

More importantly, I am really appreciate of my dad. He is the best. I love him so much. We have our ups and downs, but now, we have been on a good streak! So now, I’m not too worried about him, which in turn makes me happy.

Funny as I was typing, my front passenger tier got flat. So now my dad is changing the tier. Good thing he knows how to, otherwise, it’ll cause to have to wait and pay some extra fees since it’s night time. I hope we have all the tools to take off and on the tier. If not, it’ll be a problem. So turned out, he doesn’t have all the tools and we’re at the grocery store, closed to our house, so that great! So he’s walking home to grab needed tools to fix the tier.

I almost forgot that I was (and sort of am now) hungry. But I’m enduring it and will not eat now since it’s late and usually if I’m going to go sleep within an hour or two, I try not to eat. The reason may be controversial and it’s my personal choice as I would do what’s best for me. Not saying that I haven’t eaten late late in the past, I obviously had. But long term, I don’t think so, as my body will metabolize slower, which means I’m going to gain weight. The goal now is that I delay my gratification in order to not get fat now or later or whatever. I’m short, so being fat is not an option. Luckily (or not I don’t know, probably lucky), I grew up in a family that cares about health and stuff which makes it easier to control. My dad is health conscious and so is my mom. She used to be not be so much, but because of my dad, she began to understand the importance of taking care of our body.

Change a subject to something else that has been bothering me. I have this pimple inside my nose and it hurts ;(. It is even something I can pick because it’s like located in between skin. It’s not providing inside my nose where I could touch. It turn but it’s no there. Beside this fact, I also quitting my current full-time job. Am I sad, a little. And I asked God for some clarity and He gave it to me as I thought it might have been a good decision than before. I have in my 2wks, but it does seem to be a longest 2-week for me ever

Side note, one of the important tools need to successfully take of tiers has officially broke. So now my dad, once again, is hunting for tools. This sucks both way. I don’t know what else to say. I wish I could help but when it comes car stuff i simply don’t have the knowledge to help. I should learn, yes. But uh, yeh.

Back to why I say the longest 2 weeks ever and that’s because I had never had to wait for the 2-wks. I always turned in my 2-wks noticed, most of the time, the employers just let me leave. But his job is different as they actually made me stay the entire 2-wks.

Anyhow, I’m calling road side assistance with the insurance. Hopefully, they can come help soon.

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