Yes, I eat alone at a busy restaurant

One thing I love about Rosa‘s cafe is that the restaurant decided to where you mostly help yourself and required no tipping. Even though there is someone cleaning up after me, but one technically waited table for me. So like I like that aspect that I just do my one thing and like it much better not tipping. I’m cheap and broke and I feel that i as a customer shouldn’t have to pay on behalf the restaurant for the employees that works there. They can pay their own staff and it should be that way. Tipping shouldn’t be expected but as an option or when the service is appreciated. So yea, one of the few things I like about Rosa’s is the non-tipping setting, one you can eat salad bar, and self-serving attitudes, so no one typically have to take care of you. I feel that most people don’t prefer to eat alone or do anything socially expected to be “social” alone such as eating at a restaurant, going out for movies, or playing certain sports alone. I admit that this might be the first time I’ve ever eaten alone at a restaurant. I’ve eaten alone many times in life, but just not at a restaurant. I haven’t watch a movie alone in a public theater, however, I maybe I’ll try it one day. I know a friend who had gone to a move alone. With that being said, you are not going to get arrested for doing anything alone that is technically legal. But i guest it’s not the “social norm” on what most people do. We are so much dictate by what other people is doing. We tried to do the things that are socially acceptable or to not be seen as weird. Now that I thing about it, I could care less that people might think and most if not all are busy people that also could care less. I feel like I genuinely (most of the time) do what makes me happy and more or less be a better person. But eating alone in public isn’t that bad when one I’m a slow eater and two it’s more convenient and cost effective to eat at a restaurant than take-out. I can’t believe I actually finished the entire Taco Tuesday Plate with two big salsa bowls and will eventually be my desert, freshly made tortillas. I did my mile run today, notice I said, mile not miles. I only did a mile with some variation of walking. Anyhow I finished my one mile run and I feel happy for that. I cleaned off my plate. Took my time eating, trying to sit straight one on a while when reminded to do so. I don think I’m going to take my left over salsa bowls home and that is because it was barely any left. And I know I’m not going to eat it again this week, so there is no point to take it home with me. Also I’m glad the restaurant is noisy enough that when I burped, no one could technically hear. I’m full and finished with the meal. I’m going to go home and make me a honey tortilla, make with real honey. This was a fun experience as I feel like it’s socially acceptable to do most thing alone. I did my running alone, so my not eating at a busy restaurant on Taco Tuesday.

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