What a day

I’m almost done my my first day. People are just being people. I never thought I’d got to this point where I’m actually criticizing. Like I actually have an opinion now. It was not an easy day. Physically, it was hard. But mentally not so much. I did like it more than dispatch just for the space I have a bit. Some room to breath because at the old job, it was just too cramped for me. This job, yes, it’s hot, heavy, and hard. Mostly mindless. Physically yet, I won’t have to really interact with people and I would get away with it and it would be fine. This situation makes me appreciate and realize what I needed to do with my life. I realized that I wouldn’t want to have just any jobs for the rest of my life. And it made me even more appreciate that I need to not work in such a laborious job. I genuinely wanted something better.

Working, standing, and being in a hot temperature really drained me. Today was first day and I’m exhausted. Tomorrow I’m going to take it easy. Slower, fewer mistakes, and peace. Just like the most jobs I’ve had, this one pays the bill but also nothing. At least most customers are really nice because you’re helping bag groceries. It would be rude for them to be mean to the bagger since we hold that powers within us.

I’m speaking now after eating, we frankly quite finish Alcohol

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