Songs my vibe

It is not easy to find songs that are so me. The vibe, everything about it knows that I will be listening to it for a long time and not just passing. Anyhow, I’m so happy I found this song and I feel like it’s God sent. The way Lauren described the lyrics of the song, just makes it more crystal clear as to why I like this song ever more! I needed to hear this. It is a birthday present from God. I had a good one, special, perfect, and warm. Family is so important to me. More than I often forget. I’m glad I get to have them around, near to where we can still see each other. They are amazing and no matter what we’ll always be tight (also tied). The best birthday is the one that I feel connected to people. And honestly I always tried to escaped my feelings, of not being in touch. Even though, I am, I tried to ignore and hide it. And yes, I do sacrifice myself for other, to please them, as that I feel would be the way to do it. However, never did I realized that are always more than one way to math problems. I have to find the best one for me. And this song, this gift form God, has shown me just that. I’ve never found a song like this that I like and speaks to me. Usually, I like them but sometimes the meaning of the song doesn’t speaks to me. This is a treasure lyrics and are not the ones that sounds good only. It really going to remind me from now on. I didn’t need to be expending energy that is not reciprocated or not even close. It is not worth and and it needed to more than 50ft away. And this song actually was made sort of in the Covid era but it really does apply to life. I need to go to bed. But I had a happy happy birthday. It was just the best, also, I’m happy.

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