About my pitching.blog

My name is Pitchayapa, which is how I named mypitching.blog. After reading an article my sociology professor had assigned on our first day of class, called “Prospective Employees: Your Job In College Is Not To Get A Job,” by Gene Marks in a laundry room at my dorm, I was quickly inspired to create my first blog. Despite loud noises from washer and drying machine, I was able to focus on the reading, which do not happened typically. I remembered when I was young, there were times when I thought of writing a diary. There were also other times when I thought of making a YouTube channel and having a blog. I remembered opening WordPress and saw how much I would have to pay, so I reasoned that 99 dollars subscription to create a blog was too expensive and I would not be able to commit.

Anyway, I am exciting that I decided to start blogging. I will now have something that I can look back to and remember the moment. Maybe ten to twenty years from now, I will have many stories to share and tell. The details that I wanted to remember will be capture in mypitching.blog.

I mainly write about the experiences I encountered, ideas I found fascinating, my thoughts, and how Jesus is my rock.

I am a college student in Lubbock, Texas. My major is computer science at the moment and I am on a pre-med track, hoping to get into a medical school once I graduate college. Even though, going to medical school would be ideal, I also realized that my future is in the almighty God’s hands.

The memory of my childhood were spent in Thailand mostly, from birth to twelve years of age. The next page was when I landed in Waco, Texas. I was there from twelve to twenty years olds and now I am in Lubbock, Texas for my education and experience in college.

I created a blog to write, but if you came upon my blog and wanting to connect, please do so! Don’t be shy to comment, I will read every single comment there is. I am new to WordPress, but I like posting my reflection so far and if you came upon my blog, please let me know your presence!

Thanks 🙂