how myPitching-blog started

~~…~~~Update as of 12/13/2020~~…~~
My real name is Pithchayapa. I started this blog my sophomore year of college when I was in a laundry room trying to finish an assignment. In this assignment, it asked me to read this article and it was a very enlightening article because it sparked something within me haha to start a blog to capture my experiences mostly painful ones (I have to break it to you). Well, they are painful to me at the very least because pain, just like many other things are very much so relative to a person. To me, as of now, the hardest things I gone through revolves around my relationships with others. Because according to Pastor Jimmy Seiber, “Sin causes broken relationship and broken relationship causes sin.” They feed into each other in a cycle. I started this blog when I was 20. As of today, I am 23. So it has been a lovely 3 years of capturing my experiences. I get to observe my once self-centered mindset turned into what God has wanted me to see. His love and grace is overwhelming. And my prayer is for Him is to mold and prune me into a person He see I could become. Through following Christ, I observe myself being slower to anger, becoming more patient, and my relationship with others are not as burdensome. Of course, my journey is forever growing (and I am still workin on many other areas, trust me, He gave me so much Grace) and there are still lots to learn. With God’s timing, I just can’t help but grateful for Him. It is simply magnificent, how God has so many children He so loves that He carefully and uniquely plan for each one of us according to His plan. He is so powerful and it’s absolutely marvelous.

Below was my original statement of when I first started blogging

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Who (da heck) is MyPitching.Blog? aka Pitchayapa Jingjit.

pronounced Pitch-cha-ya-pa-Jing-jit. You’re welcome. It’s my pleasure ❤️

I am pursuing a bachelor degree at Texas Tech University. I am majoring in General Studies on a pre-medical track. I want to be a surgeon. I started this blog my sophomore year of college in my dorm’s laundry room while machines were running so loudly. Surprisingly, I was still able to focus on what’s important at the time–to start my first-ever blogging experience.

I was reading an article about how college students can often get stuck in realm of college-living while becoming oblivious to what’s going on outside of it. Basically, we entered into this 4 to 5 years of life in cover/hibernation when we started college. Many students often becoming frightened once they realized this 4-5 years of school is ending. They become fearful of not landing that perfect job or whether it’ll pay well. We often don’t know what to do once we graduated from college because once when we were in it, we just forget what’s going on outside–we make college our world and it became the only thing we see for 4-5 years until we’re force to get out.

I wanted to start this blog as a mean of investing in my future, but it has turned into something so much more. It has became my personal, 22 dollars annually-subscribed therapy sessions. It has became my supportive-best friend that listen to me babble about feelings. It made me become an indirect-environmental activist, in a sense that I am not producing paper waste– when I could be purchasing journals to write all these gems. Instead I paid a 22 dollar annual-subscription to just type, and with a click, my work is saved, hopefully forever. Once I die, somewhere in the data system, these things remained of me.

I am interested in sharing my experiences (brokenness&happiness) as well as connecting with you. Hopefully, my site and stories can be beneficial to you as it has been so much and more for me. I hope that my experiences (heart breaks, boys’ problems, disappointments, stupidities, realization, reflections, perspectives that you can learn from) reach you. I prayed that through hard times, we can still be hopeful, knowing that we serve a constant, unchangeable, ever-lasting God of the Universe. I hope that my experiences and honesty touch, reach, and love you.

It is through this brokenness that makes me excited about living so much and to have no other options, but to keep going. My uttermost importance and mission in life is to make it meaningful for myself and hopefully for others. A life full of growth and transformations. No matter how many allies I get lost in, I know I will eventually find the hills. I live for the sole purpose of growth, until I die. People can say I’m delusional or whatever, I don’t care. I know I am living my LIFE. It’s MY LIFE that I have the God who I will always go back and look up to. Unfortunately I am the protagonist of MY STORY. I am the author, I hold the pen. No one is going to write it for me. I will always remained under God.

I always wanted to travel. I hope to be able to do that in the future. Through working in the medical field, I have this passion to help the sick (mentally and physically), to help them redeem their life once more–to give them second, third, fourth, or fifth chances to live a better life than before. Just know that when we were born in this world, we were called to do something. It’s up to us to choose how to live the life that has been given. Know that if we were given chances to live, our mission is not finish. You’re given however many chances to relive and to make a better life for yourself and others.

God has given me uncountable chances to live again-and-again. He is never done with me. I don’t want to just live life, I want to LIVE LIFE. I want to experience it all. I want the sources of hard times to grind me, beat me until they can no longer break me into pieces because they just can’t be further broken down. I’ve been told that I am an unsympathetic person by a person. My sister told me that I didn’t care enough to call people (my family) back when I get missed calls from them. Yes, I am selfish. And yes, I do recognized it and praying for it to improve.

One fact about me is that I really feel things, especially in relationship. I am scare of it so much because I am scare it will suck the life-out-of-me that I will be hurt or lose my a-not-yet-solid-identity.

People often give a bad rep about feelings. I don’t. I think if we don’t have feelings, we have nothing. Feelings are not all bad, we should learn to love and appreciate them more.

Below maybe my repeated info., but feel free to read it. I drafted this long time ago and recently edited some of it, but most of the content and message was not changed, so I just wanted to keep it.

The Reason Why I Started Blogging

My name is Pitchayapa, which is how I named After reading an article my sociology professor had assigned on our first day of class, called “Prospective Employees: Your Job In College Is Not To Get A Job,” by Gene Marks in a laundry room at my dorm, I was quickly inspired to create my first ever blog webpage. Despite loud noises from washer and drying machines, I was able to focus on the reading surprisingly.

I remembered when I was young I wanted to start writing a diary. There were also other times when I thought of making a YouTube channel and to make my own blog. I remembered opening WordPress and saw how much I would have to pay, so I reasoned that 99 dollars annual subscription to create a blog was too expensive and that I would not be able to commit anyway. I was wronged. I ended up paying for it and I did keep up with it.

Anyway, I am excited to start blogging. I will now have memories and experiences to look back to–to make fun of myself, learn how stupid I was, and how cringe-worthy I could be.

I mainly write about the experiences I encountered, ideas I found fascinating, my thoughts, and how everything goes back to why Jesus is my Rock. Recently, most of my experiences has been about being heartbroken (as I am going through it as of now, 11/17/19).

I am a college student in Lubbock, Texas. My major is General Studies. I am on a pre-med track. I want to go to medical school to become a surgeon. Even though, going to a medical school would be ideal, I also realized that God’s plan will always exceeds mine.

The memory of my childhood were spent in mostly in Thailand–from birth to twelve years old. The next page was when I landed in Waco, Texas. It is there where my life also changed dramatically–more than I will ever be able to give credit to. This year, 2019 that is about to be 2020, marked my 10, turning to 11 years living in America. I love every  single bit of it. I am growing in a place I was not accustomed to. New culture and experiences burst me with so many flavors. It give my life substances, to get lost in my imaginations, to escape. People take drugs to rest from their problems, I don’t need one, I just get lost in my own thoughts–in this blog where I could careless about speaking properly or to write with correct English grammar.