Hola, bucket lists

I would say I will start adding to my budget lists to things to do and places to visit! Not the material things I want can be? may be i don’t know. I will be as I go.

1 . Go to Japan

  • try different kinds of food without having to get diarrhea.
  • go to different hot springs or bath houses
  • shopping
  • ride on the coolest trains


This is not my story

But people are dumb. I’ve been dumb. But some people really are dumb when it comes to love. It just show even more how broken the world we live in now are honestly. Heart break seems to get the best of us and some of us are lucky to not have experienced it, so you might now understand what I am about to say. Luckily or may be not luckily I have dealt with break ups–two of them to be exact. What I learn is that the more I gave the painful the break up was and the less I gave, the less painful was the break up!

The reason why I am writing this right now is to relieve the feeling I have. I honestly have hard time listening or learning about painful experiences from someone. It frustrated me knowing that there is no quick fix and that people are fools. So I don’t know how I ended uo talking this guy but sooner than later we drove pretty deep into our life experiences and with enough time, I started to figure out that this guy is in pain and that he had recently experience a break up of 6 years and this all happened 3 months ago, so it is a pretty recent wound. I tried to talk him to feel better about what happened but like all fools, he does not listen but feel how he feels about his ex and still care about her. I cannot blame him though because his break up is very recent and it was 6 years of his life with someone. So I am trying to collect my thought and be as sympathetic as much as I can because I got a little annoyed with him, so I just stop texting, trying to help because he just didn’t get any senses. He was not able to see thing objectively, which I mean again only time will heal. That is all I could complain about him I supposed, but what a fool. I am a fool too.

running thought

it is 2:30 a.m. The best part about my day today was skating at the park. It was relaxing. I was hoping to get my mind of things that are bothering me. Skating or playing tennis serve as an escape. However, my mind if still thinking something that is bothering me. I felt tired but my mind kept running about something that I couldn’t resolved, so here I am trying to organize my feeling to figure out exactly what is bothering me about today’s experience. I am going to be honest, so I could gained some clarity.

I think what has been bothering me was the lunch I had today with a coworker I met at work. Maybe there is something that made me uncomfortable. So I like chill out and not think too much about anything. But for some reasons I didn’t feel completely myself around the person. First off, I hate waiting for people and I waited 30 minutes for him to show up. That was not fun. It was disappointing and I would hate if I do that to others. The talking was meh too, it seems too shallow for me. I like to get deeper than the surface when it comes to conversation, but the conversation was just kind of boring. I personally do not like lunch or eating related meet-up in general because I would have to eat and talk almost at the same time and it was just bad timing. Next time, I will not agree to any of the eating related get-to-know someone meeting. Period. It was too uncomfortable. Yeah, the date was honestly just boring and I feel like I didn’t get any exchange of information, in another word, I feel like I didn’t really learn much about the person, but oh well. This is just coming from my point of view. I also hated it when people think I am sweet, simply for their first impression of me. I know I am not “sweet,” and the assumption was kind of agin bothersome. I am just me. Someone who is brutally honest with the people I know and definitely not sweet. What else, yeah the meeting was just not fun and I will not be agreeing for the second meeting. It is just not my vibe and I think the reason it has been bothering me was because it didn’t went well and I need to learn not to be caught up in something that I can’t control. I’ve had about 5 meeting with different people this month, which seem like a lot, but still I didn’t feel any sort of awkwardness or uncomfortability. Also, I feel like it is only awkward if you make it so.

Another lesson I learn is to not be more than friend with people I work with. It is just uncomfortable if something went wrong. It is definitely not something pleasant and I am learning it for the second time now and it won’t be the third time around. Period. Twice is enough. So all in all, I just wanted vent that there are situations that you can’t control and it is something that already happened and there is no need to worry about. Next time, assess the situation better. If it might seem uncomfortable then don’t do it. If the pros weight less than the cons then better not to act on it even though in the moment you didn’t really see what could go wrong. I am guilty of having a double standard also, so I can’t fault him for feeling a certain way because I would definitely feel the same way if that were to happened to me. But again there was no damage being done, therefore, I would just forget about the incident. Therefore, I understand where he was coming from, but I might have handle it differently. But that still didn’t excuse the fact that the conversation was not engaging for me. Still, it is ok that all of this happened and I am not going to beat myself up for it. I need to learn not to worry about things I can’t control and that not everything will go according to my expectation. Let it go and move-on, there is really nothing to worry about. It will passed and life goes on with or without me. I have goals and dreams I need to full-fill. There are so much more to do and to live for. Don’t let one set back beat yourself up and make you worry that cause you to not fall asleep like usual. This is, again, another lesson learn and it is good. You know what you learn to like or dislike. I also need to also learn to say no sometimes and I am really bad at this. There are many times where I just cannot say no when someone ask to hangout. So I need to learn to be strong and say “no.”

The lesson learn are:

-don’t worry about something you can’t control

-learn to say NO

-if things do not go according to expectation, don’t beat yourself up

-you only make it awkward if you feel it; deception makes it reality

Ok I take it back partially that the date didn’t went well. The conversation wasn’t entirely boring, but perhaps the situation was not something I preferred. There are so many things gone wronged that just makes the meeting sucks. I take most of it back. There was just more things gone wrongs than rights and it made the entire date sucks. So, all in all I just need to calm myself down and breath. Next time, choose a low-key kind of date where you know you can handle and feel comfortable.

Dates you like

-walking in the park

-doing activities

Dates you don’t like (even though you did give it a try):

  • having to have a meal sort of date (except picnic)
  • watching a movie date

Why some doesn’t find true love

No wonder why some people are single or had relationship after relationships where led again to singleness. These are my experiences with online dating and this is just personal because obviously has everyone have different experiences. I found it to be mostly bad than good and it took a good God’s guidance to eventually get there. I found out that a “swipe right” on someone work as an ego boost to them. There are some don’t get me wrong that are looking for a genuine connection with someone, but the ones I found were plain poopy inside in. I know that I enjoy partnership with someone and I prefer a good guy that could make me trust him and not questioning his intentions. I met, again, poopy guys in the past. The fact that I feel the way I am feeling now, sort of tricker the bad experiences I had with people. Also, something about me just doesn’t want to date good guys. There are some out there that are interested and we get along well, but something about me was not and is not interested. May be I have a codependency problem I don’y know. I am already skeptical about the opposite gender I share the world with and experiencing this negative experiences again and again make it really dull. I think I am going to quite online dating for good because I bring me miserable and quick enjoyment that didn’t last. I know that I would only talk to someone with good looks, but this online experiences also taught me to still be shallow. Again I don’t think I can date anyone who I don’t find attractive. Anyhow, right now God is telling me that this is not your time, you need to wait, and that I have better plans for you. I not at all a perfect Christian, but God is perfect and He does look out for me when I about to be in real danger. I pray for a good, handsome, and tall guy God. The one that loves you just as much if not more than you. I think negatively about guys and usually if I have some hunches about someone, God gives me this intuition to decipher what is right about someone. I have this in me, I just need to use it often. There are many guys out there whose intention is pure evil and selfish. I can name a lot of them, but I won’t. Anyhow I thank God for saving me once again from a predator and false desire.

This experience also makes me realize how broken people are in this world. These people lack the love and promises that God offers to them. They are searching for a quick fix, ego booster instead of facing right in with their problems of insecurity, loneliness, and being lost.

Often time when I am with the wrong type of people, it makes me question and value myself in the process that there are something wrong with me. I started to doubt myself and lost myself when I know who I am but still less than how God knows me. I started to feel all these down, negative feeling such as I have walls up, I this I that. And guess what, the problem isn’t me, it wasn’t, but the situation I am in right now is the problem. This is how naive I am at times. I quick to see flaws in myself better than at others and their problems quickly became mine and it makes me feel trouble, bother, restless, and insecure. This is guy Christ teaches his follower to date someone with the same yoke. I learn this again and again, times after times, not to do this, yet I did not obey God’s plan. There are many evils out there and God tries to keep me way from them. Thank you, Jesus for saving me times after times from evil and temptation.

I now learn that when I don’t trust someone, there is usually a reason if not more reasons. This is a lesson learned and I did gain because of God’s grace and love. Jesus, thank you fro giving me this wisdom to learn more about myself. You are truly awesome. I prayed that my two jobs I hope I acquire works out within your plan for me and if they are not for me I will not pushed it. Guide me, oh Lord. You’re beautiful and perfect. I am not beautiful or perfect but I serve the one who does always.

This is all that I have to say today. Another lesson learned. God just kind of making obey what He commands for me to be. I seem to be tempted in this area of life, he knows I want a connection, a partnership. But he simply said, not now and not with this person or people. He truly wants the best for me in his plan. God whenever I am about to dwelt into my brokenness, you fills me in. Another lesson I have learned is to actually listen to what I am saying and often time it is not always clear. My feeling is not transparent, but God knows my trouble and short coming and will rescue me from my brokenness.

If you happen to stumble across my blog, I hope that you learn something from me. I am growing everyday. I am learning everyday. I learn to trust myself more and more. I know that I am flirty most of the time without a serious intention. I am being flirty is not what’s wrong, but I was being flirty with the wrong type of people that’s all. When it comes to someone I see as prize, I was quite reserve and quiet.

People comes and goes in life, but God stays the same. Anyhow I lost track with what I was trying to say to my reader if I even have any. I wanted them to know that God loves you and He wants the best for you in every possible question. He knows you are not perfect but it is important to put him first in your life, so all good things will come from him to you without delaying. He knows when the time is ready for you whether that be the job you dreamed of or your spouses. Remember to trust him so He will provide. Thank Him and Pray to him often. The world is broken everyday, but God isn’t. He is perfect and full of love.


Actually, I forget to address why some people doesn’t find true love on online dating or just dating in general. It is because they do not have good intentions for dating to begin with, They view love selfishly and honestly quite disgusting. These people may have experienced disappointment in the past and they perhaps hold on to the resentment and further cause damaged to their body, mind, and soul. They fall into this dark hole and feed on this dark desires that are not meant to allow them to see the night of sky or light. They fallen and serving the wrong god. This is why they will never found true love because they fail to realize where true love comes from and true loves come from God and God only. It is the kind of love that gives unselfishly and unconditionally. I am not sure if I could also say the love from a parent, but I doubt our patents have flaws too thus might not make their love in the most purest form. Yet, their love is still greater than most love by human beings. True love only comes from God and He gives generously, without fail. You just have to be willing to receive and work to keep it. This is how you find true love my friend, and I am friend with myself too. Seek Him to find your true love.

The unexpected

Well, how do I begin this, my dad got tested positive for Covid-19 today. His symptoms showed up four days ago. He began to have fever on Thursday afternoon. He woke up early that day to do a big load of laundry. He hand-wash all of his laundry because the washing machine would not completely get clean the stain on all of his shirt and pants. He did the work all day and as result, the activity made me felt sore and tired. We all thought it was because of the workload that made he felt all the symptoms. But little did we know those aching and tiredness were the symptoms Covid-19 that he would today got tested for. In the same day that afternoon, he also had fever, which we also thought was nothing serious. The symptoms showed up the past Thursday July the second, two-thousand-and-twenty, and he finally got those symptoms tested today July the sixth, two-thousand-and-twenty. He got tested at 5 p.m. and the result came back two hours later. The doctor called and told us what we needed to do, which of course was to avoid large crowds gathering, be six feet apart from people, and wear marks at all times.

Since my dad and I live together, I am quite certain that I have been exposed to the virus and highly likely that I have the disease as well, which I will get myself tested tomorrow. I do have symptoms today, which are very mild difficulty breathing, very mild chest pain, soreness, and tiredness. So far these are my symptoms, noted that all of them are very mild that they don’t interfere with my daily activities. I also would like to mention that my dad is also doing fine. He only seemed to be effected by the tiredness and body aching, which he could still perform every normal activities like he would on a regular day. As of now my dad do not need serious medical equipment such as a ventilator, medications, or further testing. This is because his symptoms are not serious nor is/or life-threatening as compare to some other serious cases you might hear about on t.v.

As of now, I will get tested for Covid-19 tomorrow July 7th, 2020. Like I said, I am quite positive that I have the disease because of the symptoms I usually would not be experiencing. I am not afraid or panic because of what is happening. I am optimistic that we can and will get better. We are not being reckless, but will be treating the condition very seriously as to prevent the spread of the disease to other less fortunate others. I personally do not see our symptoms worsen as long as be take care of our body to receive plenty of rest, consume healthy diet, as well as drinking large quantity of water than we usually do. My dad and I will be taking care of each other until we both get better to celebrate being Covid-19 free.

7/19/20 – an update

So after my dad got tested positive, I was certain that I will also would be tested positive too. However, it turned out that my test result came back negative, which was a surprised. Considering that I felt like I had all the symptoms for covid-19. My dad’s condition is slowly improving everyday. Some days the symptoms were the same as yesterday, however, he eventually felt more like himself. That’s all the update I got, we are all doing okay. My dad is strictly quarantining since the day he got tested. I celebrated my 23rd birthday with him because I was quarantining too. My sister surprised me with the best gift ever. That’s it for real now. Goodnight.

Horror Script


A young mother gave birth to a twin girls. She suffered the horrible amount of pain. She is a window and living alone after her husband’s death. Without the medical care she needed, she soon died due to excessive bleeding after child birth right in front of young, innocent children’s eyes. The babies wept and cried, luckily a milk man who delivered fresh milk to the home every week came and saw the horrendous scene of a dead mother and two of her crying babies. He was shocked at the scene, but it did not delayed him to called the police immediately.

The detective came to examine the scene and declared the cause of death as natural. The baby were taken care at the hospital to make sure there is no harm to them. Good news is one of them is healthy while the other twins suffer a cut on the back of her right thigh. Otherwise, both babies perfectly normal and robust. The police were trying to identify relatives of the mother. They dig into the family history only to discovered no one connecting to her. The mother was a widow and an only child. Her husband died of car crash 3 months before the twins were born. Their relatives were long dead and no one seemed to be able to adopt them. Luckily, the nurse named Margaret who took care of them started grow a loving bond for the twins. She decided to take action and raised them as her own. She named one of the twin, Emma and the other Jane. Even though they are twins, she noticed that the twins are rather quite different in every ways. Jane is quite a gentle and loving girl while Emma was quiet and distant. Jane preferred to play with Emma, but she had rather played alone when they were young.

When it was the age for both girls to attend elementary school. It was not a surprised that Emma had many friends while Jane had none.

Jane: “Jane? Do you want to play tag with us?”

Emma: “Sure.”

Jane: “What really!?”

Emma: “Yeah.”

Lydia: “Well that’s new.”

Thomas: “Tag, Jane, you are it!”

The chidden played for quite awhile within the neighborhood. Margaret was surprised to see Emma paying with other kids before last time she tried had made her sad for a week. She thought to herself, everything seem to slowly work out for Emma. She was just a slow bloomer as compared to her sister, but she is getting there.

Emma: “Tag Thomas, you’re it,” slammed Emma.

Thomas: “Ouch, Emma that hurt! Stop hitting me so hard!”

Thomas started to wielded.

Emma: “I am sorry, I did not mean to…”

Other kids: “I am not surprised..there is always something wrong.”

Other kids: “Let’s go.”

Jane: “Thomas, are you okay!?”

Thomas: “Your sister tagged me with a sharp thingy, not fair at all. Awao, awao, don’t touch it!!! My mom is going to freak out, again.” Blood started dripping on the street as Thomas began walking home.

Emma: “I said I am sorry, I did not mean too..”

Lydia: “Why can’t you just act like everyone. So they can like you. No one wants to play with you because you hurt them!”

Emma started crying as familiar as this sounds. Events like this always happened when she play with other kids. Emma have hard time adapting to new situations. Social settings do not seemed to like her. She tried but she often failed.

Jane: “Hey at least you got to play with us today.”

Emma: “I wish you would just leave me alone and stop inviting me to your friends.”

Jane: “Well, I saw you standing there, so I thought I had asked.”

Emma: “And it did not go well.”

Part 1: Margaret 

By this time, the girls are all grown up. Jane is working as therapist while Emma work in lab. The two girl seems to live a complete separate lives in a different city. Emma works in Southern California while Emma lives Maine. One day, both received a news that their mother’s health is deteriorating after she had fallen in the bathroom, breaking several hip bones. After this incident, she does not seem to quite recovered. Both girls decided to fly to Minnesota to be with their mother.

Emma: “Hey, long time so see.”

Jane: “Is your job ok?”

Emma: “It is alright, my boss is crazy in the head as always.”

Jane: “Well hang in there, you know, I know someone who is hiring for a scientist, let me know if you are interested in moving to the sunny Southern California.”

Emma: “haha, thanks, I will let you know in another life.”

They soon found out that Margaret will die soon.  In her dying breath.

Margaret: “Girls, I have to tell you something.”

Jane: “What is it, ma?”

Margaret: “Right here in this hospital, 30 years ago, was when I felt in loved with the two of you.”

Emma: “Ma, stop with the clique, please. We have been hearing the same story that were just told in different ways.”

Jane: “Hush, Em. Hush, Go on, ma. I’m listening.”

Margaret: “I never told you that you weren’t coming from mine, but from a lady who died from a complication of child birth. She was your mother. Her name is Lauren Hackett. Here is her picture, she look just like you more than I do, hah? Now you know why”

The girls listened in shocked in disbelief.

Jane: “It makes no different, ma. It does not matter, you are our mom.”

Margaret: “You deserve to know the truth.”

Jane: “It is ok.”

Emma: “Well that’s something I did not expect.”

Margarette: “Girls, promised me that you will stick to each other. There is no one else beside you two, together. Don’t part ways, sister, especially twins are not meant to separate.

Both girls replied, “Yes, ma.”

The buried their mother’s corpse and said “Goodbye.” Jane wept in pool of tears while Emma shed none.

Lydia whisper to her friend, “You know it is odd that Emma did not shed a single tear drop at her mother’s grave.”

Other ladies: “What do you expect, she never change.”

Other ladies: “Remembered when she squeezed the little bird when we in middle school?”

Lydia: “Omg, yes! That’s literally hunted me for a week, horrible!”

Other ladies: “I don’t know anyone who can put up with her like Jane.”

Lydia: “You know, she’s rare… I wondered if she and Thomas still date. They were cute together. A classic small town story.”

Part 2: Grown-up Stuff

2 years have passed since their mother’s death. Jane decided to quit her job and move back to Minnesota for a break before she will start finding a job in town. After she situated the place, clean, mop, and sweep all the dust. She looked back at her old family photo and often felt the bitterness, sweet. She misses her precious mother.

She speak to herself “No time to be sad, my stomach is sadder than my soul.” She decided to go buy groceries at the childhood place.

“Yo, Jane!” Thomas was so surprised to see his high school sweetheart after years that they had a separate lives after ending high school.

Jane: “Thomas! Wow, it has been so long, it’s crazy!”

Thomas: “How have you been? And what are you doing here?!”

Jane: “I decided to move back, you know, the house is getting old, someone has to take care of it.”

Thomas: “No joke! This is insane. I could not believe you just left everything to come back!”

Jane: “Yeah, it seems shocking, but not really. This is home.” Both were just starring until Thomas break the silence, “Hey, let me know if you need a muscle with all the man’s stuff, just give me a call, I hope you still remember our phone’s house.”

Jane: “Thanks, Tom. Well I better run before the things go bad, catch ya later!”

Jane was caught off guard to meet her long time childhood best friend and ex-boyfriend. She though to herself, it really has been awhile, but not anymore.

“Knock, knock, knock” She heard something like a knock on her door. Wait a second, it is 4 a.m.! She grab a lantern and walked downstair to the mysterious door. At this point the knock kept getting louder and louder as she moved closer to it. It does not seem to stop. It kept on increasing the intensity. Jane froze and felt an awful sense of panic. Who would knock a door like this. It has been a long time since she heard a familiar style of someone knocking like this. It reminded of her when Emma decided to turn off the bathroom light when she was in it and Emma knew she was scare of the dark.

The knocking finally subsided as Jane looked into the peep hole, it be extremely surprised.


Emma: “Jane, let me in, quickly, now!”

Jane: “Emma, what’s wrong?! Why is there blood?”

Emma: “I got into an accident earlier, someone crashed into my car as I drove here. I know you are confused why I am doing here at 5 a.m.” I heard that you decided to come home when I decided to surprised you at your home in CA. Well, you were not there and the place looked dead. Your landlord said that you moved back, so I decided surprised you here instead.”

Jane: “I am surprised, very.”

Emma: “I know well, can you help me move my stuff?”

Jane: “Uh yeah, yeah, of course.”

Jane woke up at around 10 a.m. after being unexpectedly surprised by her twin sister sudden arrival that completely knocked her away. Even though, Jane was happy to see her sister, she also thought that this is so unlike her sister, who is often quiet and to herself. She can sometimes be sarcastic and cold.

Part 3: Ex-Boyfriend

It did not take long Jane and Thomas to click again when they were both each other’s first real love. They began to go on dates and soon enough he was her boyfriend again for the second time.

“Hey, Thomas, Lydia, and I are going to the lake next week. Lydia’s parents have a vacation house by the lake, if you wanted to join us,” said Jane.

Emma: “you know Lydia does not like me very much, who knows how long.”

Jane: “that was such long time ago, we are not kids anymore.”

Emma: “Ok, let me know when.”

Jane: “Is that a yes?”

Emma: “What do you think”

Jane quickly get on her phone to tell Lydia who else will be coming. After Jane hung up. Lydia could not helped but noticed a trend, but quickly brushed it off.

At the house by the lake, Lydia could only crude jokingly that her and Emma are still here while Jane and Thomas seemed to have forgotten they existed. “Guys, we are still here, excused me. This is not your honeymoon. Last time I check both of us still have friends and are not married!”

Jane: “I’m sorry, Lydia. My attention is all on you.”

Thomas: “Yeah, mine too.”

Lydia shake her head. “Also, is you sister still here? The last time I saw her was 3 days ago when we just got here. I’m surprised she’s even here with us, but not really with us.”

Thomas: “Leave her alone, Lydia. She can hear you, you know.”

Lydia: “Do I look like I care.”

Jane: “Let me go check on her.”


I’m kind annoyed ..

…at those who complained about how people protest. They’re saying what these people (some are Blacks) destroying the shops, hitting women etc. What they are seeing these clips basically almost to give them excuse to talked about the minority irrelevance or to point finger how they are not happy how people are protesting. This is sadly a lame excuse to dodge the actual problem that is rooted in the mindset of people. Some people had negative experiences frankly with Black people in the past and they simply grinned in them that Black people is just Black. This is sad and I do not like calling them Black people either. They’re more tan or brown which I am too, just a few shade more vibrant. They’re people. They’re just like me. They sin just like me too. I mean it is sad that in the past they were thought as less superior and people had fought whether to set them free and they were on papers, but it’s time to really treat them as such. I get extremely annoyed with people who dodge the question of why Black Lives Actually Matters and instead were focusing on how these people destroyed shops and crap. Of course that is not the ideal way to protest and by the way there are other bunches good, peaceful protests too, but they were of course were not talked to about as much or at all on the media. Come on, open your eyes to what really is the problem here.

As i drove outside today, June 1st, I saw more Blacks outside doing their business than usual. I don’t know if they were always there but I simply didn’t noticed them as much or perhaps this movement and injustice actually brought them out more. I am not sure of the case, but I am simply glad they are not in hiding and they shouldn’t be. They should be living their lives like everyone and free to do whatever they want or need. The segregation never cease to completely end. I wish we could all live together peacefully and respectfully of one another no matter what races. It seems like a utopian sort of idea, but it is better than being pessimistic. Some people also think that being pessimistic is actually not being pessimistic, but realistic. I frankly could tell a different from someone who is being pessimistic versus they actually being realistic. Pessimism sounds negative, unhopeful, and dull. Realistic has hope and positivity; acknowledging both sides. I am also annoyed that sometimes I didn’t;t want to get into arguments with people when I think they’re focusing on the wrong point of the matter and simply still being Racist. I didn’t;t want to argue with them even though what they’re saying is senseless and obtuse. These people are actually my family who are White, Opinionated and arrogance. I didn’t mean to target White people either because Asians, Blacks, Hispanics, etc. can all be racist, not just any particular ethnicity. I’m sorry, but ‘you’re simply focusing on the wrong point of the matter here.” The point is to actually end racism in this country and the whole wide world. America is a great country, but like any great leaders, they must learn to always self-improved and correct weaknesses to be ever better and be of good examples too. I am optimistic that things will improve that racism will end. I don’t want to say that it will never ever end. I mean i don’t know, but at least things ate Improving that is already amazing. Blacks people are not bad. They are not. We’re blinded by what people have told us about them and yeah some of them are bad and so are some of us, you, me, they, he, she, and it (all the pronouns, except God).

If things are good then people probably more than likely not going to protest. The people protest because there Is Something Wrong and Unjust to take care of, so that those who are wronged can’t simply just get away with that they do and that is what some of us think in the case of George Floyd and many others Blacks sisters and brothers who have die and not getting any reprimanded for their wrongs. Not facing close to equal payment for doing wrong allows other to keep on abusing this power without any consequences. Also, Yes, getting people in jail or having shops, targets, whatever, cars destroyed will not bring back George Floyd ot any other lives, but that is NOT what people are fully asking. Yes, George Floyd serves as a tipping point to the protestant a symbol, or should I say he served as an sacrifices” to what are problematic. George Floyd is that tipping point in all this problem., If here was to stached-up his entire saving for the issue to racism, he would have read 250,000 dollars max FDIC for money return if it got stolen.

Also to the people who are racist..please be kind to your bothers and sister, aunts and uncles. Put an end to the brutality on the basis of race and start to love each other more. I would have to say that before, I knew that I must respect people and treat every with kindness and to be respectful. However, this event had shocked me to see that I really need to take this into heart. It is a reminder to look and treat other with respect and love because it is a nice things to dod for someone, but also because God also loves me.

Justice for all species

As of today as well as in the past, it seems like the so called the Land of the Free isn’t really what it commercial to be. So many lives have to pay for what is called freedom and justice as if the death of the past is not already enough to end prejudice and hatred of this world. It is sad and horrendous how some people are so racist and were so called Christians whatever religious they are, everyone is guilty. I am guilty. George Floyd was not the only a “colored” person who have died for the color of his skin. This White Supremacist thing has to end because the world need better assumption than this. What is the Golden Rule. The human as a species not only fighting with virus, but also our own kind when we should be uniting and loving one another no matter the occasion. People are hurting, upsetting, and questioning “why.” I mean I wouldn’t want someone to hate me simply for my multi-rainbow skin color. I like vanilla and chocolate ice creme in different ways. Each of us have our strengths and weaknesses, we should help each to be the best version of ourselves instead of hating and putting each other down. The world would be a better place if some of us understand this and all we can do is to love one another, just a little bit and to not be as selfish. Racism should have ended a long time ago, so many lives had to go because some of us think they are better, more superior than the other. Just because your income is better or neighborhood is safer doesn’t mean you can except that power and oppress other who don’t have as much. What then is justice. It makes me annoyed and mad that some of my family are also racist frankly, but that doesn’t mean that I choose to let their incorrect assumption clouds my thoughts and reasonings about whose racial background is better than the other. The truth is everyone is different and I don’t have to agree with them or conform my identity to it. The least I could do is to not hate and accept them as they are and to not hurt them. I can see why people are protesting. They have to do something when justice doesn’t serve its purpose. No matter the race, white, black, green, yellow, or pink. If ones did wrong, one must face the physical and mental consequences. Every wrongs must have its consequences. And that consequences well. I mean One of the arguments is people are not happy that the polices only got fired. I mean what does the law says about this situation. How many more lives there needs to be before something is done about this sort of actions. They need to be some laws in place to ensure that people who does these things, and when it is justifiable to cruelty, ones must be punished. No matter what race, what Derek Chauvin and other polices in power did were cruel and unjustifiable. Protestors were right that these polices treated George Floyd like an animal. They didn’t listen to his plead. These polices had him handcuffed. I mean what on earth justified for what Chauvin did to George Floyd. He had his face on the ground and knee on his neck. That’s cruelty. It is unreasonable use of force. It says a lot about Chauvin’s character. Even if this isn’t about character, well justice needs to do its work and put an end to this kind of cruelty even if it may not change someone outlook about racism, at the very least make it an offense and punish people who do this to another human being, no matter the race. We are talking about cruelty to animal and another human being needs to be judge in the eyes of law and lock behind bars, so no one would do this again. Also when people ask why still talk about racism because the more we talked about it, the more it is a thing. IT IS A THING and THAT’S WHY We’re still talking about it. Not saying anything is as equal as conforming to the act. The bystander is as guilty as the abuser. That’s why this needs to end, however, it might never truly end because human are all sinful. Yet, at the VERY LEAST make it a Law, so people get Justice they seek to find.