The unexpected

Well, how do I begin this, my dad got tested positive for Covid-19 today. His symptoms showed up four days ago. He began to have fever on Thursday afternoon. He woke up early that day to do a big load of laundry. He hand-wash all of his laundry because the washing machine would not completely get clean the stain on all of his shirt and pants. He did the work all day and as result, the activity made me felt sore and tired. We all thought it was because of the workload that made he felt all the symptoms. But little did we know those aching and tiredness were the symptoms Covid-19 that he would today got tested for. In the same day that afternoon, he also had fever, which we also thought was nothing serious. The symptoms showed up the past Thursday July the second, two-thousand-and-twenty, and he finally got those symptoms tested today July the sixth, two-thousand-and-twenty. He got tested at 5 p.m. and the result came back two hours later. The doctor called and told us what we needed to do, which of course was to avoid large crowds gathering, be six feet apart from people, and wear marks at all times.

Since my dad and I live together, I am quite certain that I have been exposed to the virus and highly likely that I have the disease as well, which I will get myself tested tomorrow. I do have symptoms today, which are very mild difficulty breathing, very mild chest pain, soreness, and tiredness. So far these are my symptoms, noted that all of them are very mild that they don’t interfere with my daily activities. I also would like to mention that my dad is also doing fine. He only seemed to be effected by the tiredness and body aching, which he could still perform every normal activities like he would on a regular day. As of now my dad do not need serious medical equipment such as a ventilator, medications, or further testing. This is because his symptoms are not serious nor is/or life-threatening as compare to some other serious cases you might hear about on t.v.

As of now, I will get tested for Covid-19 tomorrow July 7th, 2020. Like I said, I am quite positive that I have the disease because of the symptoms I usually would not be experiencing. I am not afraid or panic because of what is happening. I am optimistic that we can and will get better. We are not being reckless, but will be treating the condition very seriously as to prevent the spread of the disease to other less fortunate others. I personally do not see our symptoms worsen as long as be take care of our body to receive plenty of rest, consume healthy diet, as well as drinking large quantity of water than we usually do. My dad and I will be taking care of each other until we both get better to celebrate being Covid-19 free.

7/19/20 – an update

So after my dad got tested positive, I was certain that I will also would be tested positive too. However, it turned out that my test result came back negative, which was a surprised. Considering that I felt like I had all the symptoms for covid-19. My dad’s condition is slowly improving everyday. Some days the symptoms were the same as yesterday, however, he eventually felt more like himself. That’s all the update I got, we are all doing okay. My dad is strictly quarantining since the day he got tested. I celebrated my 23rd birthday with him because I was quarantining too. My sister surprised me with the best gift ever. That’s it for real now. Goodnight.

I’m kind annoyed ..

…at those who complained about how people protest. They’re saying what these people (some are Blacks) destroying the shops, hitting women etc. What they are seeing these clips basically almost to give them excuse to talked about the minority irrelevance or to point finger how they are not happy how people are protesting. This is sadly a lame excuse to dodge the actual problem that is rooted in the mindset of people. Some people had negative experiences frankly with Black people in the past and they simply grinned in them that Black people is just Black. This is sad and I do not like calling them Black people either. They’re more tan or brown which I am too, just a few shade more vibrant. They’re people. They’re just like me. They sin just like me too. I mean it is sad that in the past they were thought as less superior and people had fought whether to set them free and they were on papers, but it’s time to really treat them as such. I get extremely annoyed with people who dodge the question of why Black Lives Actually Matters and instead were focusing on how these people destroyed shops and crap. Of course that is not the ideal way to protest and by the way there are other bunches good, peaceful protests too, but they were of course were not talked to about as much or at all on the media. Come on, open your eyes to what really is the problem here.

As i drove outside today, June 1st, I saw more Blacks outside doing their business than usual. I don’t know if they were always there but I simply didn’t noticed them as much or perhaps this movement and injustice actually brought them out more. I am not sure of the case, but I am simply glad they are not in hiding and they shouldn’t be. They should be living their lives like everyone and free to do whatever they want or need. The segregation never cease to completely end. I wish we could all live together peacefully and respectfully of one another no matter what races. It seems like a utopian sort of idea, but it is better than being pessimistic. Some people also think that being pessimistic is actually not being pessimistic, but realistic. I frankly could tell a different from someone who is being pessimistic versus they actually being realistic. Pessimism sounds negative, unhopeful, and dull. Realistic has hope and positivity; acknowledging both sides. I am also annoyed that sometimes I didn’t;t want to get into arguments with people when I think they’re focusing on the wrong point of the matter and simply still being Racist. I didn’t;t want to argue with them even though what they’re saying is senseless and obtuse. These people are actually my family who are White, Opinionated and arrogance. I didn’t mean to target White people either because Asians, Blacks, Hispanics, etc. can all be racist, not just any particular ethnicity. I’m sorry, but ‘you’re simply focusing on the wrong point of the matter here.” The point is to actually end racism in this country and the whole wide world. America is a great country, but like any great leaders, they must learn to always self-improved and correct weaknesses to be ever better and be of good examples too. I am optimistic that things will improve that racism will end. I don’t want to say that it will never ever end. I mean i don’t know, but at least things ate Improving that is already amazing. Blacks people are not bad. They are not. We’re blinded by what people have told us about them and yeah some of them are bad and so are some of us, you, me, they, he, she, and it (all the pronouns, except God).

If things are good then people probably more than likely not going to protest. The people protest because there Is Something Wrong and Unjust to take care of, so that those who are wronged can’t simply just get away with that they do and that is what some of us think in the case of George Floyd and many others Blacks sisters and brothers who have die and not getting any reprimanded for their wrongs. Not facing close to equal payment for doing wrong allows other to keep on abusing this power without any consequences. Also, Yes, getting people in jail or having shops, targets, whatever, cars destroyed will not bring back George Floyd ot any other lives, but that is NOT what people are fully asking. Yes, George Floyd serves as a tipping point to the protestant a symbol, or should I say he served as an sacrifices” to what are problematic. George Floyd is that tipping point in all this problem., If here was to stached-up his entire saving for the issue to racism, he would have read 250,000 dollars max FDIC for money return if it got stolen.

Also to the people who are racist..please be kind to your bothers and sister, aunts and uncles. Put an end to the brutality on the basis of race and start to love each other more. I would have to say that before, I knew that I must respect people and treat every with kindness and to be respectful. However, this event had shocked me to see that I really need to take this into heart. It is a reminder to look and treat other with respect and love because it is a nice things to dod for someone, but also because God also loves me.