This is not my story

But people are dumb. I’ve been dumb. But some people really are dumb when it comes to love. It just show even more how broken the world we live in now are honestly. Heart break seems to get the best of us and some of us are lucky to not have experienced it, so you might now understand what I am about to say. Luckily or may be not luckily I have dealt with break ups–two of them to be exact. What I learn is that the more I gave the painful the break up was and the less I gave, the less painful was the break up!

The reason why I am writing this right now is to relieve the feeling I have. I honestly have hard time listening or learning about painful experiences from someone. It frustrated me knowing that there is no quick fix and that people are fools. So I don’t know how I ended uo talking this guy but sooner than later we drove pretty deep into our life experiences and with enough time, I started to figure out that this guy is in pain and that he had recently experience a break up of 6 years and this all happened 3 months ago, so it is a pretty recent wound. I tried to talk him to feel better about what happened but like all fools, he does not listen but feel how he feels about his ex and still care about her. I cannot blame him though because his break up is very recent and it was 6 years of his life with someone. So I am trying to collect my thought and be as sympathetic as much as I can because I got a little annoyed with him, so I just stop texting, trying to help because he just didn’t get any senses. He was not able to see thing objectively, which I mean again only time will heal. That is all I could complain about him I supposed, but what a fool. I am a fool too.

Getting Cut in Front of the line

There is nothing, absolutely nothing more clear than the title of this writing. Ok, i am being a little worked-up by the experience.

I was waiting in a line at my college cafeteria, microwave station. There is only one microwave by the way. If you want to use it you should wait in line. That is an unwritten social rule. People typically use the microwave for 1-2 minutes depending on how hot they want their food to be. Aside from the context, I was waiting in the line and there were 3 people ahead of me. I was fine, it what we have to do. Next to the microwave were two benches. There is an guy sitting there. He is going to be the source of the problem.

So it was the turn of the guy in from of me to use the microwave. I, then started to digging through my bag-pack for my food container and a fork. By the time the timer rung finished the the guy in from of me, he took his container out and suddenly this guy who doest seem to understand “social rule” just cut in front of me to use the microwave. Me on the other hand, could have make the hugest scene, but that wouldn’t be appropriate. I absolutely dislike what he did. It is low, unfair, and frankly quite ignorant.

I was and still am upset even though it is small, seem small, getting cut in front of the line. It speaks a lot about how someone could careless about waiting at the seat and thought he was in the line. Absurd. Next time, if I see this “guy” again, I am going to make him go back to the line and wait like everybody else.

This experience upset me. It makes male realized that I want justice, even if it is at a small scale. It makes me wanted to give this guy a talk of the stuff he was ignorant. Mt close to an exact word was “You just can’t do that, like this time is fine, but there is a line..” Some thing like that, there was more of thing going through my mind than what I could articulate. I was definitely didn’t not look at him kindly. It probably shown in my facial expression how displeased I was. Another thing is age doesn’t seem to be an indication of how well someone should behave because clearly a middle age man, probably not a native born (coming from another country) may not understand the custom of waiting in line? How could this be? Regardless of any society you come from, there should be many unwritten social rule they live-in.


Anyhow I am furious, frustrated, and annoyed at the dude who is ignorant. I can be ignorant too. We all can, but the point of this writing is probably could be title “Ignorant, injustice.” Idk many other means words.